Plasma Cleaning: Radio Waves Provide The Elbow Grease by Nick Vassilev - 19 Dec 2013
If I told you 10 - 20 years ago that cars wouldn't have wipers on their windscreens but use radio waves to clean the glass, you would be laughing. In fact you would dismiss this brave theory as a complete joke.  Fast forward 10-20 years and you read in the papers that McLaren announced...  Full article

Time To Clean The Teddies by Nick Vassilev - 28 Nov 2013
Most children get attached to soft toys when they’re small. Even if a child doesn’t have a special “cuddly” object, most of them do like to play with teddy bears and other plush toys. Which means, given that children are messy little creatures, that the soft toys will need...  Full article

Washing Machine - That Thing From Out Of This World by Joy Murray - 16 Sep 2013
When I got married in the sixties I did not have a washing machine. They were about but not for a struggling newly married girl like me. We lived in an upstairs flat and did not have a washing line. The flat we rented was brand new and in the kitchen the Council had provided an electric clothes...  Full article

Ten Odd Things You Can Use For Cleaning by Nick Vassilev - 09 Aug 2013
No matter what the cleaning job is, there’s probably a specialised product for it. There are probably quite a few ordinary generic cleaning products for doing the job, too. However, we sometimes find ourselves running short and looking around for some way to get that wretched mess dealt with....  Full article

The Proper Care And Feeding Of Sofas by Nick Vassilev - 22 Jun 2013
You Love Your Favourite Sofa, Right? Sofa, couches, settees, ottomans… call them what you like, but we all like relaxing on them. Sometimes, we sleep on them as well.  It would be a rare household indeed that doesn’t have at least one sofa in it. And every household is going to...  Full article

Harry Styles Obsessed With Cleaning by Nick Vassilev - 22 May 2013
The star Harry Styles is reportedly obsessed with cleaning while out on tour with his band mates. They started calling him 'Mrs. Mop' because of his little obsession. The singer is said to be "fixated" on cleaning the band's tour bus, and even makes his band mates wear slippers while on...  Full article

Ten Uses For An Old T-Shirt by Nick Vassilev - 07 May 2013
They keep encouraging us to reduce, reuse and recycle in order to keep the planet clean and to make sure we don’t consume more resources than we ought to. It really is staggering, the amount we sent to the landfill every year. If we can cut down on even a little bit, this will help....  Full article

Window Cleaner's Diaries by Nick Vassilev - 29 Apr 2013
Somedays I really think I'm getting a little bit too old to do this sort of thing. At least I didn't understand how physically demanding the work would be when I first started! Of course, when I think about getting a new job, I have visions of sitting in an office being micro-managed by an...  Full article

Janitor Confessions - A Day In My Professional Life by Nick Vassilev - 24 Apr 2013
Today I started my first day as a janitor. I looked for something to work all summer, but in the end a friend of mine recommended me to the principal and here I am, the humble janitor of a small school in this city. I love my work and I can't say I am not happy. I try to be as dutiful as I can be....  Full article

Craft and Gift Ideas Using Essential Oils by Nick Vassilev - 23 Apr 2013
If you have become familiar with using essential oils in vaporisers and in the bath, why not use them creatively? You can make a number of useful and delightful products using essential oils that you can give as gifts, sell at fairs (e.g. craft fairs, flea markets and school fairs) or even just...  Full article