Domestic Cleaning Blues – A Day In The Life of a Bored Housewife

updated: 18/01/2023

Bored Housewife Drinking Tea Before The Big House CleanupI decided to carry out a social experiment. I wanted to find out whether people around the world share one and the same opinion about common social behaviours. In this instance I was curious to know what others thought about the bored housewife type (regardless of wealth and social status) who would waste their whole day doing what they do best. Here is what a South African lady, called Rayda, thought:

“In my own opinion, there are more people who are dull and boring than there are live wires who can keep your interest. A dull boring housewife who lives in the lush Camps Bay area in Cape Town, South Africa for instance is one who sleeps in and gets up for the first morning reality show, has coffee and a cigarette, and settles in for watching television while the dishes are piling up in the sink and the poodle asleep at her feet start their day with Jerry Springer, The Talk, Judge Mathis, Dr Phil, and Oprah.

By this time it is noon and the maid is sent out for croissants and there is another bout of television. After this, she showers, dresses herself up, and goes for walks along the boardwalk with the dogs. They pick a nice restaurant on the boardwalk and sit underneath the sun umbrellas to watch passers-by and rehash old conversation over and over again. They have nothing of interest to impart to others and talk about their dogs and about themselves. They don’t read books except magazines with celebrities on the cover and can tell you anything you want to know about Tom Cruise’s Scientology addiction and the plots and sub-plots in Desperate Housewives but don’t know who Paulo Coelho is and know nothing about politics. They are empty, uninteresting, and dull. They watch the Kardashians as if they have anything valuable to learn when in fact the Kardashians have no worthwhile talent and are mostly known for their big behinds and empty minds. Does Ice Love Coco? Who cares?

The residences of these women are predictable. Fridges are empty because most of the time is spent with friends who get together for their first drink of the day. As the sun settles over Camps Bay they look out at the sea from their balconies waiting for the next reality show to start. They wonder what life is all about and why they are here, but have become drowsy now and fall asleep, and wake up for another round of mindless chatter, margaritas and tequilas. They need this to deaden the reality of what they have become.Bored housewife lifestyle

In the bathroom there is dog dander and hair on the floor, the sink is grimy, the mirror spotted, the towels musty and the dog has the run of the house. These women are not particular about their living conditions and about themselves. They know how to put on lipstick and chew the fat and drink for a few hours, but have no clue about what is going on in the world, and talking green is over their heads. As dusk sheds a blanket over the mountains and the sea, they either fall asleep on their sofas drink in hand and doze off in front of the television or call those same friends to accompany them to another restaurant or bar. There is no change in a boring housewife’s life. They are settled in their thinking, have no sense of adventure, do not exercise and eat until the fat rolls start drooping over their tight buckle belts.”

That about sums it up. What do you think?

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