Bad Home Cleaning Habits Increase Risk of Infection

updated: 11/10/2023

House DisinfectionBacteria invade our homes every day through food, pets, shoes and even water. It is difficult to estimate in which part of the house there is more bacteria simply because bacteria is invisible to the naked eye.  Sometimes it is possible bacteria to live in our homes for a long time without being harmful to our health, but in some cases they may cause serious infections.

Many people are careless about cleaning their homes and they place themselves at an increased risk of infections. Regular domestic cleaning is very important to remove dirt and decrease the amount of bacteria living in your home. Surfaces need to be cleaned with a suitable disinfectant at least once a week to keep them hygienic. You or a member of your family may get infected by contaminated surfaces without you even suspecting they might be harmful for your health.
There are also high risk areas like the kitchen and the bathroom which need to be cleaned even more frequently. The decontamination of these areas can be carried out either by washing them with a soapyWeekly floor mopping water or bleach containing products which kill the microorganisms straight away. Using the same cloths or sponges for the bathroom and the kitchen is not a good idea as germs may spread all around. Fresh air in the house is also of a great importance for the overall hygiene and leaving the window open for as long as possible is recommended.
People don’t realise that surfaces which are with a direct contact of hands like door handles, telephones, keyboards, remote controls and light switches are a source of bacteria and if they are not cleaned regularly with a detergent make the bacteria to grow and multiply. One of the possible solutions to that invisible problem is weekly domestic cleaning Wimbledon or any other London area concerned. Proper cleaning and maintaining cleanliness day in day out is the way to go.
When we talk about the home hygiene, it is also essential that along with the surfaces, people wash their hands regularly with soap or disinfectant to stop the spreading of germs around the home.
Personal hygiene and housekeeping are the best way to prevent infection. Bad cleaning habits may be harmful for you and your family, so always strive to improve them.

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