Clean Bodies, Water and Surfaces Will Keep You Healthy

Personal HygieneIt is widely known that keeping a good personal hygiene, drinking clean water and living in a clean environment have a great impact on protecting ourselves from diseases.

Body Cleaning

When we say personal hygiene, we mean keeping our bodies clean at all times. Although our bodies are defensive to most of the germs, a good hygiene and grooming is essential to eliminate body odour and accumulated dirt. In order to keep ourselves in a good health and protect the people around us, we need to look after ourselves. Particularly vulnerable to infections are babies, children, pregnant women and people with a weak immune system. As germs are microorganisms which live around us, we can easily transfer them through our bodies and especially the skin. Extra care should be taken for bacteria to be killed as these people may not be able to defend against a possible infection. Dirty bodies stimulate the growth of germs and encourage them to multiply. Frequent hand and body washing could prevent a huge amount of germs spread around and transferred from a person to person. Hands carry out millions of germs which we cannot see with our eyes and could transfer bacteria to and from everything we touch. Washing hands thoroughly with a soap and clean water is essential and proper rinsing and drying with a clean towel is also important.

Clean Water

Water is an important part of our everyday life.  People and all living creatures on the planet cannot live without the existence of water. Although water comes from different sources, it is crucial for our health to use a clean water for drinking, cooking and washing. Contaminated water can cause many serious diseases. In order to be resistant to bacteria, a strong immune system is beneficial which could be achieved by consuming food rich on vitamins. Before the food is cooked, it needs to be properly washed in order to remove any contaminants and harmful bacteria which it may contain.

Surfaces Cleaning

Living in clean conditions is important for our lives. Having clean surfaces at home will keep our bodies and water clean and will protect us from diseases. Cleaning and disinfecting surfaces on a daily basis will reduce the amount of bacteria living in our homes and will prevent them come in contact with our bodies. Although all surfaces need to be kept in a clean condition, certain areas require more attention. The bacteria is spread easier in areas such as kitchens, bathrooms, toilets, shower rooms and the areas where the rubbish is disposed and they require regular scrubbing with detergents in order to keep bacteria away. Floors also have to be vacuumed and mopped as they contain a lot of germs especially if they are carpeted. Mattresses, curtains and upholstery also need to be vacuumed at least every week and they also need to be washed at least every six months as the accumulated dust can cause respiratory problems  and could be harmful to people with allergies.

Keeping your houses bacteria free, having a clean drinking water and washing our bodies regularly will help us and our children staying healthy.