Clean Your Home Before You Put it For Sale

There might be many reasons why you would consider selling your home - loss of a job or a job in a different area, moving with a partner, need to save cash and downsize, growing a family and the need to move to a bigger property, choosing a different area with better schools or a divorce. Whatever the reason is, before you decide to sell your house and arrange a surveyor to come to the property for valuation, you need to deep clean the property.

The first impressions are always important and they may reflect the offers you will get. Before you go ahead and start cleaning the property internally, it is always good to tidy the front and back gardens, paint the window sills, the doors and the fences. You will probably move out your belongings and furniture, but if you have items which you don't need, make sure you don't leave them in front of the house but rather de-clutter as much as you can. Do not make the mistake to put unnecessary items in the closets or cupboards as buyers like to open them to see how much storage they will have. If they see that the house is well organised, tidy and clean, this will mean you have taken care well for the house during the period you owned it.

Instead of cleaning each piece of furniture in your house to make it presentable for the potential buyers, the better option is to rent a storage space and place the furniture in there. The rooms always look tidier with less furniture and they make the impression the rooms are bigger. Empty bookshelves in your lounge will not look attractive, they may even put off the buyer.

To make the house sparkle:

  • Wash the windows internally and externally. The buyers will have a good view from inside and from outside too which may increase the price of the house.
  • With a pressure washer wash any external stairs and patios to remove any dirt and fungus.
  • Clean the cobwebs, wash the skirting boards, picture rails and the curtain rails.
  • Clean the bathroom thoroughly, including the bath and the shower, the tiles, the toilet and the basin. Make sure you remove any mould and lime scale as they don't look nice and also produce a bad smell.
  • Polish all mirrors, chrome and stainless steel around the house.
  • Your carpet and rugs will always look better if you wash them professionally. Hire a local carpet cleaning company and ask them to give your carpets the best look they may have.
  • Clean all kitchen cupboards inside and outside, clean the fridge and the oven internally and get them ready for the new owners.

After you have done all the cleaning to prepare the house for sale, enter into each room and try to think like a buyer. If there is anything further that you can rearrange or clean, do that immediately before it is too late. Hopefully these cleaning tips will make your house look welcoming internally and externally and you will find a buyer very soon.