Cleaning an Electric Kettle

Most people like drinking tea and the electric kettle is an inevitable part of almost every kitchen. You may be drinking tea in the morning as part of your breakfast or in the evening just before you go to bed, but if your tea has a strange taste, it might be because of the developed lime scale inside your kettle. The lime scale will not do any damages to the kettle, however it will work better if the lime scale is cleaned regularly. Following these simple tips might help you keep your kettle clean.

Descaling the kettle

Descaling the kettle is vital for its operation and for the taste of the boiled water. You don't want to drink ruined tea when you have a choice to do something. Buying a new kettle every three to six months is not an option as the tea you drink will turn to be extremely expensive. In order to descale your kettle, you will need some kind of an acid. You have a choice to use commercial descalers or natural cleaners. White vinegar or lemon juice will do the job. After you have made your choice which cleaning agent to use, it is time to add some water to make it the perfect descaling substance. Pour your homemade mixture into the kettle and make sure it covers all the areas which need descaling. There are two ways you could proceed from then - either boil the kettle with the mixture or leave it for few hours without boiling. If you decide to boil it, you need to leave the kettle until it cools down. Pour out the content of the kettle and rinse it with clean water. You can wash it with washing up liquid before you fill it with clean water. If for some reason the whole lime scale hasn't gone after this treatment, you can repeat it one more time. Whatever the outcome is, you will definitely have a cleaner kettle with less lime scale. You can then drink your tea made in a clean kettle and enjoy its taste.

Clean the kettle externally

Cleaning the kettle from outside is very straight forward. You need to unplug it first and wash it by hand with a washing up liquid and a dish washing sponge. Scrub every part of the kettle to remove any dirt and grease it might have on its surface. Depending on whether it is a plastic, metal or stainless steel material, you need to be careful not to scratch it. If there is a possibility to damage it, use a cloth or a soft sponge to clean it rather than a harsh sponge. After you have washed it, you need to rinse it with warm water and leave it to dry before you fill it with clean water and plug it.

Kettle is just one of the small kitchen appliances in your kitchen, but in order for it to last long and function as intended, you need to clean and maintain it properly.