Cleaning the Kid's Bedrooms

Cleaning the kid’s bedrooms can be dreadful and frustrating. I would spend hours in my kid’s rooms cleaning their rooms, they would come home from school, and within minutes, the room would look like it was hit by a hurricane! Nevertheless, that is a whole other story in itself.

Today I am writing this article to help make cleaning your kid’s rooms quicker and easier with techniques and tips to help clean your kids room in less time and to reduce the stress on you.

As you know when kids are, little they have an inner instant that they were born with the genes of Picasso raring to come out. My kids love to draw on the walls and stick stickers on the wall.

They may think this looks great, but for the one who spent hours painting their room I did not carry the same opinion. If I remember correctly, my eyeballs popped out of my head and I screamed, “What did you do?” “Anthony!”

Below I created a few tips to help you remove any stickers the kids might have stuck in their room or even somewhere else in the house.

Removing Stickers

  • If you remove as much of the sticker as possible, you can remove the rest with a little Ben Gay ointment and a blow dryer set on the low heat setting. It will work on carpet too.
  • Other cleaning products that have been known to remove stickers include WD-40, Oops brand latex paint remover, De-Solve, fingernail polish remover, rubbing alcohol and even peanut butter!
  • Now if you go into the store they have products called ink-lifter to remove in from the walls.

My two younger kids love too draw on their dolls head with pen or marker. If you have any idea of the cost of dolls you will know that dolls and stuff animals wan run high in price and when your kids decides to draw on them it can frustrate you to say the least. Below are some tips to help to help you clean these dolls and stuff animals.

Cleaning Stuffed Animals

  • Puts kids' stuffed animals inside a pillowcase tie a knot in it and wash them in the washing machine.
  • You can also clean up the animals by placing them in a paper sack with baking soda and shaking them up good.
  • If the animal is stuffed with natural fibers, it should not be immersed in water, but can be wiped off with a soapy cloth, followed by a clean wet cloth.
  • Make sure the animal does not have torn seams before you put it in the washing machine.
  • Look for plastic parts before tossing a stuffed animal in the dryer.
  • Make sure the animal does not have a "sound box" or other mechanical parts before you put them in the washing machine and dryer.

Next clutter in the kid’s room.

Sound familiar? A topic we can all relate too if you have kids. My sister-in-law is pregnant and at one of our family dinners she says, oh my child will not make a mess. They are going to have a clean room and keep everything in order. My husbands I looked at each other and my husband said, “Did she just come out of the insane-a-asylum!” I have had episodes in my house where I almost broke my leg trying to walk in my kid’s room and I cleaned their room the day before no less.

Below I created some tips to uncluttered your kid’s rooms.

Helping Kids Stay Uncluttered

  • Put away half of your kids' toys and switch them around every few months. They will have plenty to play with and their room will stay cleaner.
  • Label boxes, baskets, milk crates, plastic tubs - anything they might store toys in - to teach them how to sort toys and keep them off the floor. Let the kids decorate the containers they use so they will be personal and fun.
  • Set a short period each day or each week that kids have to straighten up their room. Make a game out of it with a timer and give rewards to all kids for jobs well done. It will become a good habit and they will have fun.
  • Get the kids to go through their toys periodically and pick out some things that they do not play with anymore. Pack them up and take them somewhere where there are kids who do not have enough toys.
  • Put bookshelves in every available place where the kids can stack their toys, books, etc. Anything to keep the floor clean.
  • Teach kids good cleaning habits by being neat and tidy yourself. Hanging up clothes and putting things away after you use them sets a good example.
  • Assign specific chores to kids and set a limit on when the chore has to be done.
  • Put hooks and pegs on the backs of room door and on the insides of closet doors for quick hang-ups when the kids come in.
  • Let the kids do some "adult" clean up jobs. Sometimes loading the dishwasher or helping mom clean up after a baking session is fun, especially for smaller children and it teaches good habits.
  • Let kids listen to whatever they want to while they are cleaning. A little noise will be worth a clean room!
  • Assign each child a towel and make sure they hang it up every day. This saves unnecessary washing.

I hope that these tips will help you speed up the process and make things easier for you or you can keep their room closed and have a cleaning service deal with it. The second suggestion with the cleaning service is sounding better and better each day.