Do Hair Straighteners Need Cleaning?

updated: 05/10/2023

Types of Hair Straighteners

Cleaning Hair StraightenerWith the development of technologies, it is already possible to change the look of your curly hair to a straight one with the help of hair straighteners. On the market, there are various hair straightener types and brands which help people get the desired result without needing to visit a professional hairdresser. Most hair straighteners aim to make the hair look smoother and healthier without using any chemicals.

One of the most common types of hair straighteners is the one with ceramic plates, as they are easy to use, heat up quicker and produce excellent results on the hair. The models have different features, but they all work on the same principle and aim to straighten hair and make it look shinier. The biggest disadvantage of using such a tool is that it can damage the hair if used too often. To prevent damaging of the hair, people use different products for conditioning and protecting hair which may leave residue on the ceramic plates of your hot iron.

How to Clean Hair Straightener

Like other personal items, hair straighteners also need to be cleaned regularly to keep the natural oils of your hair and the conditioners off the ceramic plates. You can start wiping down the hair tool with a damp cloth, and repeating it a few times will most likely remove all build-up products. To avoid burning your fingers, turn the straightener off and wait a few minutes until it has cooled down. There is no need to use any specialised products to clean your straightener, but if you doubt whether you have cleaned everything, you can repeat the process using a cloth dampened in alcohol for disinfection. In the end, use a clean damp cloth to do a final wipe down and leave the straightener in good condition for its next use. Absorb all liquids from the straightener with a dry soft cloth before you turn it back on.

A hair straightener is a real investment for the hair, which needs to be looked after to be completely harmless for your hair.

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