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updated: 15/10/2023

How to keep your kitchen sparklingIf I had to choose the first room I would tackle in terms of organizing, that room would definitely be the kitchen. The kitchen is typically the hub of family activity. Having an organized, well-planned and well-run kitchen will greatly contribute to the overall success and harmony of your home life.

Here are some quick suggestions to utilize in organizing your kitchen. Use some or all of these ideas to create a kitchen that will work for you and your family. If you plan to completely re-organize your kitchen, set aside a day to work on it. Make sure it will be a quiet day without constant interruption. Perhaps you could send the rest of the family out for a fun day together. OK, let’s get started!

Look for pictures of kitchens you like in magazines. What do you like about them in terms of how they are organized? Could you emulate some of these ideas in your own kitchen?

A week or two prior to kitchen-organizing day, make notes on what you do and do not like about the way your kitchen is presently organized. Use these notes in the planning process.

Be prepared. Have a tape measure (for measuring spaces for the purchase of storage containers or baskets), a label maker and cleaning supplies.

After determining what you need through careful planning and measuring, shop for containers and baskets to aid in organizing your kitchen.

Containerize items like cereals, pasta, flour, sugar, etc. This will help keep these items fresh and help you to see when they are running low. Also, most containers are much less bulky than the original packaging they come in.Choose the right materials for kitchen cleaning

Label containers and shelves throughout your kitchen to aid in easy retrieval.

Empty out all of the cabinets and drawers. Start with a clean slate! Clean the surfaces of cabinets and drawers if needed.

Have a junk drawer. It does not have to be a mess though. Find a drawer insert with different compartments which you can label for typical junk drawer items (e.g. rubber bands, glue, extra keys, change, matches, safety pins, scissors, etc.).

Group like items together. For example, perhaps you could put all of your baking supplies together in a basket in your pantry.

Alphabetize items like spices, canned goods, etc. Alphabetizing these items will aid in easy retrieval.

Donate, throw away, give away, recycle or sell those items you just do not use any more. If you have not used something in over a year, it is likely you will not use that item again. If the item is something you do not use very often (e.g. a turkey roaster), store it in a place like the basement or attic. Most people have a limited amount of kitchen storage. Save this space for items you use on a daily or weekly basis.

Design a master list of items you typically use at the grocery store. Leave space to add extra items. Post this list on your refrigerator so you and your family can add items that need replenishment throughout the week. Take your master list to the grocery store with you.

Once you are finished, tell and show your family where everything is stored, so they can help you keep the kitchen organized.

Evaluate your kitchen on a regular basis. Keeping a space organized is a process. Do not be afraid to fine-tune things.

Does your kitchen feel welcoming? Add a fresh bouquet of flowers, a plant or some type of seasonal arrangement to the centre of your kitchen. Let everyone share in the blessings of your well-organized space.

Finally, elicit the help of a Professional Organizer if needed. Professional Organizers are experienced in helping you to design an organized space that will meet your individual needs.

By Kristine Lewis

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