Got No Plans For The Weekend – Lessons I Learned

Ouch! My head is throbbing and my back is aching. So much to endure when you really are a housewife. I actually never thought that I could have done everything that I regularly do now on those times when I am still in my teen years and have to giggle each and every time I saw my crush. Lol! But one thing is certain. I achieved my dream of becoming his wife. Isn't that amazing? 

Well, I guess I might want to share with you guys what happened today. It is the middle of the week and for sure those of you who went to offices and do their paying jobs already have plans on what to do this coming weekend. I actually contemplated on that when I woke up this morning and guess what? Except for preparing breakfast for my family, nothing else came to my mind. This is actually surprising for me because I know that I am a very creative and imaginative person in the world (in my own world rather… hehe). To be able to wake up this morning without the thought of what to dFloor mopping with white vinegaro for the weekend is somehow new to me.
You are maybe thinking why this is a big deal for me. To tell you honestly, one of the things that my husband and kids love about me is the way I always make the weekend special. So after my husband went off to work and the kids off to their school, I decided to tidy up the house a bit. I might be able to stumble upon something that would give me the idea on what to do. Wednesday is way too early to prepare but not able to think of anything bothers me. I started cleaning the rooms and then I went down our two-storey house and started cleaning the living room. It is something that I actually do once a week - the general cleaning I mean - but it is a bit harder now because of the mess that Biggy (our pet dog) has done. I think he feels a bit gloomy this morning and got nothing to do as I was earlier and just roam the house here and there. It was something contagious I guess.
While cleaning the kitchen, I stumbled upon this little pamphlet on the floor (those which you can get at counters in grocery stores) and it is something about the opening of a little amusement park just 2 blocks away from us. My saving grace! I totally forgot about it. Our family has been waiting for it to open and actually planned on going there for its opening. Now that was good news, wasn't it? I then called my friends in the neighbourhood and we planned to bring our families together. So glad I decided to clean the house today. This has definitely brought back the smile on my face. Two lessons I learned today. Never throw away the promotional pamphlets you can find at the counter and when nothing comes to mind, clean the house. I am excited. Happy cleaning! =)