Holiday Packing

How to pack your bags quickly and effectivelyPlanning a holiday is exciting, but packing your luggage involves a lot of work. It is always good to have a list of items that you would take with you, especially for those ones which are essential to have while you are away. When you planning to travel with kids, the things become a little bit more complicated, but a good organisation guarantees a success. You will feel more relaxed when you got to your destination if you plan ahead and you will not worry that you forgot something for your kids or their favourite toy.

When you start packing, make sure you do it yourself or if you have someone to help you, remove from the list everything which has already been packed. Have a storage box for the essential items and for those you will pack in the last moment like toothbrushes. Kids may become sick during your holiday, make sure you have taken some emergency pills and syrups.

Depending on the destination you are going to, wash and iron suitable clothes and put them in the suitcase to get them ready and don't let your family to wear them before you have left.

Think about essential accessories like sunglasses, hats and scarves.

Have spare clothes for your kids during the travelling as accidents happen and it is always good to be prepare.  

It will be easier to find your garments when you arrive if you pack them neatly in separate bags the clothes for each member of your family. They will also protect your garments from spillages and stains if an accident happens during your travelling.

When packing for your kids, choose garments which do not get creased and are easy to wash.Take some books during your holidays

You could be on the safe side if you take with you a bar of soap to do some washing on the sink if you need to do some emergency washing.

It is essential you take with you some toys or other bits which will entertain your kids while you travel. A book may also be handy or a laptop to play them their favourite movie. Crayon and paper may be one of the best choices for entertainment and they are easy to carry with you.

The most important ones are your travel documents, the tickets and any insurances.

It is always a good idea to e-mail your parents some credit card details, passport numbers and hotel reservation details in case you lose your wallet or you documents. You will be able to retrieve the details easily from your sent items of your mail box.

Before you leave your home, it is good if you lower the temperature of the heating, empty the fridge, lock your windows and the front door, turn the alarm on. Leave a key to your neighbour, in case of emergency, it is good if someone has an access to your property. Empty the bins and do all the washing before you have left.

If you have a choice, choose a night flight. You and your children will be tired after a day of packing and you are all likely to sleep during the journey.

Hopefully you will find these holiday packing tips useful and you will enjoy both - the holiday packing and the holiday itself.