How to clean a computer?

Your computer can be cleaned by a hard surface cleaner, in concentrated solution
in warm water. It will not be cleaned well by alcohol cleaners.

The casing: using a cloth well wrung out in your chosen solution, wipe over the casing any any external parts of the computer, the cabling, the base of the keyboard. Rinse the cloth out and remove the soil - which will be considerable. Do not use any excess water and do not try to push water into the vents in the casings. Do not use any excess water on the keyboard keys - you will be able to clean these by using little bits of damp cloth pushed around the keys by cocktail sticks or toothpicks.

The following actions need to be taken every six months.

Now you need to open the case. Take a vacuum cleaner and its crevise tool and being extremely careful how you do it, remove all the dust out of the case and the fans. Do not get the vacuum cleaner motor anywhere near your computer
components, and earth yourself by touching any metal object which is known to be earthed - pipework, radiators, etc.

Ensure that the vents around the casing are vacuumed and also vacuum the keyboard - you would be suprised how much dust and rubbish collects in the keyboard. By keeping dust out of the inside of the case and around the fans, you will prevent your computer from overheating and therefore damaging the
components. Think of the costs involved. It is never a sensible move to just push the dust out by blowing it out. This dust sits in the air and gets recycled - back into your machine.


You can clean inside the mouse by removing the ball, and removing the dust, fluff stray food, dog and human hairs, etc. from around the rollers This has to be scraped out - do not get the mouse wet.

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