How to Clean a Sandwich Toaster

Cleaning Sandwich ToasterSandwich toasters vary in sizes and brands, but they all work on the same principle. This small kitchen appliance could be found in many households as it is easy to use and clean. It makes every breakfast delicious and enjoyable and it doesn't take long for it to be prepared. Moreover these sandwich toasters make the sandwich from both sides without the need to use a butter or other oils. Although they are made from a non-stick material, it is a good habit to clean the sandwich toaster after each use to avoid any food leftovers on the sides if for any reason they stick onto them.

Although we talk about cleaning of the sandwich toaster, it is not the same as cleaning other small kitchen appliances because of the material it is made of. The cleaning usually takes less than five minutes and is pretty easy.

What materials are necessary for the cleaning?

  • Kitchen paper
  • Few cloths
  • Washing up liquid/dishwasher detergent
  • Warm water

Avoid using sharp or metal tools to clean the sandwich toaster as you will damage it's finish and may lead to its malfunctioning. Sandwich toasters are designed to be cleaned with soft domestic cleaning materials to avoid damaging them.

Follow these simple steps and your results are guaranteed:

1. First, you need to wait until the sandwich toaster cools down to avoid any burns on your skin

2. Wipe away any bread crumbs with a dry cloth or kitchen towel

3. For any sandwich residues, use a damp cloth with a small amount of washing up liquid or a dish washing detergent diluted with warm water.

4. For any areas which you can't reach, you may use a stick with a rolled kitchen paper around it to clean in the difficult to reach areas.

5. Rinse the interior of the sandwich toaster with a cloth and clean water until the liquid is completely removed.

6. Dry the grill plates with a dry cloth.

7. Wipe it from the outside with a damp cloth.

Your sandwich toaster is clean and ready for the next use.