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updated: 04/10/2023

Keeping your super car cleanSome people have the budget to buy one of those cars which you can’t miss on the road. They are distinctive in their luxury and you can imagine how expensive they are only from the first look. The truth is that if you own one of those super cars which everyone dreams about, you need to do a super cleaning to maintain its shiny look all the time.

Imagine how a supercar will look like if you haven’t washed it for two weeks and all the dust and dirt from the road has stuck all around your car. Moreover, owning such a car involves a lot of driving and showing to the others on the road which is one of the pleasures of having a car like this. Traditional car washing might not be what you need as this method of cleaning removes the dirt, but it doesn’t include polishing and waxing the car, which is crucial for a supercar. The more frequently you clean it, the less dirt will be on the car. Basically you don’t have to leave your supercar to look dirty and wash it before you notice any dirt and dust on it.

Here are the steps which you will need to take when cleaning your supercar:

The first step is to remove general road grime by washing it by hand to avoid any scratches on your supercar’s paint. Use products specifically designed for washing cars, not any other type of detergent as it may damage the paint. Use a soft cloth to wash the car with and do not use any harsh brushes or sponges. You will also need a hose and clean water to rinse the soap. Choosing the right place to wash your car is also important as direct sunlight will dry your car quick and you will not be able to wipe it down and dry manually to avoid any water marks. Always start washing your supercar from the top if you want to save some efforts cleaning again the parts you already cleaned.

After you have done much of the cleaning and have cleaned the paintwork and the wheels, it is time to clean the Cleaning tips for muscle car ownerswindows of your supercar. Use a glass cleaner and a paper towel to clean the windows and the mirrors and polish them to remove any streaks.

A very important aspect of the care for your supercar is the use of wax to protect the paint and applying the wax by hand is the best solution. How frequently you will wax your car depends on the weather conditions, how often you drive the car and how often you wash it.

Apart from externally, the interior of the supercars also need to be taken care of. There are special wipes designed to clean leather and these will be the best product to use on your supercar’s interior. From time to time it will be good if you condition the leather to avoid cracking. For any chrome or plastic parts, use a dry cloth to wipe down the dust and avoid using any harsh chemicals which may damage the surfaces inside your car.

Having a supercar brings pleasure and these tips will help you understand how you should look after your car and how often you need to clean it in order to keep it shiny and attractive.

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