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updated: 04/10/2023

Snowboarding is one of the winter sport which many people enjoy over the winter season. To make the best of it though, you need to clean and maintain your snowboard and there are some useful tips you can read below.

To clean the snowboard

Snowboard CleaningThe snowboard needs to be smooth in order for it to slide perfectly and help you perform well. Get a cloth and a petroleum base solvent to remove all the dirt from the base. After you have successfully cleaned the snowboard, use alcohol and wipe it down to remove the cleaning agent. Your snowboard is clean and ready to use, but for a better sliding, it is recommended you wax it.

To maintain the snowboard

The frequent use of the snowboard result in damaging its edges and the appearance of cracks. To minimise the risk of your board getting damaged, you need to spend some time maintaining it. You can fix small cracks yourself by filling them with a specialised filler. After you have filled the cracks, use a scraper to remove the excessive amount of filler.

To wax the snowboard

After you have done some repairs and cleaned the snowboard, it is time to wax it. There are different types of wax depending on the ice you will be sliding on. Apply the most appropriate wax for your case or get a universal one which will do the job. You will need an iron designed for waxing snowboard which will help you melt the wax. Drip some of the melted wax on the board and go over it with the iron. Remember to move the iron constantly to avoid damaging the board and also do not use too much wax as you will need to scrape it off later. As soon as you have covered the whole board with a liquid wax, let it cool down and with the help of a scraper remove the excess wax. And finally polish the board with a cloth.

The purpose of the iron is not only to melt the wax, but also to heat the base and make its pores to open up and be filled with wax. This makes your board smoother and sliding could never be more enjoyable when the board has been properly cleaned and waxed.

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