How to Clean Hardwood Floors

Cleaning Hardwood FloorsNatural wood floors bring personality to the home which is important for the interior design of the property. They are also preferred type of flooring due to their durability, uniqueness and elegance. Another advantage of the wooden floors is that they last for generations, but they need to be maintained and properly cleaned.

The easiest way to clean a hardwood floor is to use the soft brush attachment of the vacuum cleaner or a soft broom to avoid an scratches appear on the floor . It is recommended the floor is cleaned at least two times a week to keep it dust free, but it all depends on the number of people using it and the way it is used. After the dust has been clean, it is time for mopping. The mopping should be carefully done with very little water as water is the biggest enemy of the wooden floors.

In case of spillages, you should act quickly and absorb it with a towel as the floor will be damaged if the liquid soaks into the floor. Stains done on the wooden floor need to be dealt with immediately as the floor may get damaged permanently. Blood, drinks and other liquids are among the most common ones. To clean it, rub the stain with a damp cloth until it has completely gone and do not let it soak into the floor.  For some stains you might need to use a hot water, but you need to check with your manufacturer before proceed.

Apart from the regular cleaning, the floor need to be maintained and looked after. To protect your floor, it is recommended you use pads under your furniture feet. Most of the dirt on the floor comes from outside, therefore it is advisable to keep shoes off at all times. On the high traffic areas, you can put rugs which will prevent the floor from getting worn-out. Waxing the floor conditions the floor and extends its life and it might be a good practice for your floor too.

To have a beautiful floor at home, you need to clean it regularly, use it carefully and look after it properly to make it last for longer.