How to Clean Office Chairs

Office chairs are one of the most important parts of the office furniture in order the office to be able to function properly. There are different styles and models of office chairs, some of which look luxury, others are just regular office chairs, but regardless of their type, they all need to be cleaned regularly in order to look beautiful.

The chairs themselves speak about the office as they create the impression of the visitors and clients about the office itself. Having clean office chairs from another side create a good working environment for your employees as each employee wants to spend their working hours in a prefect work space. If you are in a position of owning an office and you have invested in office furniture, your job will be to maintain the office chairs clean and preserve their value.

As dust accumulates everywhere, it is essential you vacuum your office chairs regularly. Dusty and dirty office chairs will soon lose their beautiful appearance and they will not be as attractive as they were. When the office is closed, it is essential you or the office cleaning company you hired to do the regular office cleaning to vacuum the chairs in order to make them dust free. Also it is essential they check them for stains from coffee, tea, food and drinks and the stains should be cleaned straight away. If the stains are not cleaned, the dirt will have a direct contact with your employees' garments and make them dirty, which is something you do not want to happen. It is not necessary to clean the office chairs professionally every week, probably this should be undertaken every month, but stains should be removed as soon as they are noticed. A mixture of warm water and a soap will help in such situation. Scrub the dirty area with the solution and a brush, then rinse the soap with clean water and blot the chair to help it dry faster.

As the office chairs are big investment for your business, it is your responsibility to take adequate care of them. A professional upholstery cleaning every month or two will prevent your office chairs to look dirty and dull. The steam cleaning method cleans the surface of the chairs as well as their fibres in depth. It is the most efficient method to remove spills, dirt and other debris from the chairs and to make them look beautiful at all times. For your employees it will be a pleasure to work in a clean and tidy environment which will reflect on their efficiency.

To prevent your office chairs getting stained, it is a good idea having a designate area in your office for breakfast and lunch. This will make your employees having a snack in that area rather than on their desk. This will significantly reduce the amount of spillages and food stains on your office chairs.

Your office chairs are precious and a regular maintenance will protect them from getting permanently stained.