How to Remove Stains From a Necktie

updated: 04/10/2023

Removing Stains From NecktiesNeckties vary in their styles, colours and materials and they may be worn as part of a formal or casual wear. They may be also a part of school or business uniform. The fabrics they are made of are very delicate and they need to be treated with care when stained. Most of the neckties have silk material in them which makes them expensive and they need to be looked after in order to look beautiful and presentable.

Although stains on neckties are inevitable in the everyday life, you have to be careful and try to avoid staining as much as possible.  Juice, coffee, ketchup – these are just some of the possible dangers for your necktie. When the stain is already a fact, you have no other choice than trying to remove it. The first think you need do is to blot the stain with a tissue although rubbing is not recommended as you may expand the stained area.

Most of the stains are considered a permanent damage to the necktie and cleaning it with a tissue may not help. If you are almost certain the stain has damaged the necktie, you can still give it a try by soaking the stain in water and a mild detergent and rubbing it with your fingers.  Do not wash it in the washing machine as it will for sure destroy your necktie.

The best method to clean a necktie is dry cleaning. Dry cleaners are able to disinfect your necktie and preserve its colours and finish, but they also might not be able to remove stains. You can still mention the stain to the dry cleaners so they can do their best to remove them although there is no guarantee they will be able to successfully clean them.

Neckties are delicate and they are easy to damage. Take extra care when removing stains from them or consult with a dry cleaner to avoid damages.

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