Most Popular Green Cleaning Methods 2012

Saving the environment is not only fashion. These days it's also a necessity. Instead of using damaging, sometimes even dangerous cleaning products or gadgets, you can choose something more environmentally- and ecologically- friendly.


These pals are anti- polluting, money- saving, friendly to our environment, easy to find.  If you think green, the following products and gadgets are perfect for your green household.



This liquid has become a little forgotten and probably replaced by today's chemical- based cleaning detergents. Did you know that vinegar is a destructor of almost every type of spot, stain and dirt. Your windows will become neat and tidy, if you add some vinegar in the water. And you don't even need a detergent!


Vinegar is also really helpful against stubborn dirty pans and pots, different carpet stains. It removes even the unpleasant onion smell. And it's so easy to find. You just open the cupboard and there it is!

Steam cleaner

If you want to save money from booking dry carpet cleaning services, you can also use the good old steam cleaner, which doesn't use chemicals which damage the environment. This friend kills almost 99% of the bacteria, and it's also environmentally- friendly and chemical free.


It's maybe hard to believe, but these little gadgets are really helpful and deal with greasy stains and dirt, also lime scale, grime, and others. They have great cleaning power, using a special microfibre technology. The fibres remove more dirt and grease than the gadgets and detergents, which clean with chemicals. And guess what- the e-cloths use only water!

Washing Line Cover

Protect Clothes With a Washing Line CoverYes, I know probably most of you have drying machines, but have you ever thought if the dryer is really ecological? I can assure you this gadget is very far from eco- friendly. I know in England is almost impossible to dry your clothes, at least not with help from the stubborn UK- weather. So you can't just hang the laundry outside and pray that it will eventually dry. What you can do is use a washing line cover. Imagine it as a big umbrella which covers and protects your clothes from the fastidious Mother Nature. You can install it with ease onto rotary airers. Don't forget that this method is also energy- and money saver.

Eco Friendly Drain Cleaners & Unblockers

You know how unpleasant is when your canal gets stuck with filth, food leftovers, etc. In cases like this you usually use drainer powders and liquids which contain harmful and dangerous acids. Have you though, it's maybe better to use such without any sulphuric acids or Caustics? They clean as well as the others and are perfect for any kind of drains, sinks, shower stalls, pipes, etc.  The most interesting thing about these eco rain unblockers is that they use enzymes, which are really similar to those in your stomach, so they are perfectly harmful and environmentally- friendly.