Six Cleaning Jobs We Hate

House Cleaning Jobs We Hate
Some jobs around the house are a breeze. I, for one, will never get sick of hanging the laundry outside on a sunny day, carpet cleaning, washing the dishes (all those bubbles!), dusting piano keys, putting fresh sheets on the bed or arranging flowers in a vase for the dining room table. Other jobs around the house most definitely are not.
It’s quite a common topic of conversation: what are some of the household chores we find to be the worst for some reason. See if you can resonate with any of the following:
  • Glass shower doors. Even though they get regularly coated with hot soapy water, they still get streaky. Using a wiper blade after using the shower works wonders. However, if you have family members who can’t, shan’t or won’t do this, a regular window cleaning product or cleaning with a microfibre cloth will do the job.
  • Burnt-on food on oven grates. No matter how hard you rub, pick and scrape at it, the stuff just doesn’t seem to come off. And it’s tricky to soak the darn thing, which works for similar stuff on saucepans. Soaking the whole grate dunked into a sealed bag with an ammonia solution overnight works. However, a simpler method involves cranking up the heat and burning the stuff off.
  • Streaky windows. You might think that a strong ammonia-based product will shift things like fly spots (and it will) but these products have a tendency to streak when they’re dry. A 50-50 solution of vinegar and water will work just as well and won’t streak. Spray on and wipe off with a soft cloth. Hint: a circular motion stops noticeable streaks forming. Alternatively call a window cleaner with a Reach and Wash system.
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  • Cleaning the corners of bathroom fixtures. Sure, that squarish bathtub or sink looks sophisticated in a minimalistic way, but water doesn’t always drain from the corners properly, meaning that scum can start growing if you’re not quick. Short of avoiding the things in the first place, daily wipe-downs are the answer. If you feel like you have to be a top gymnast to get into the corners of your bath, just climb into it (empty!) and clean the far side that’s hardest to reach first.
  • Getting rid of white water rings on wooden table tops. Of course, these should be avoided by using coasters. Even putting your drink down on a book or magazine does the trick! However, if you’ve got them, rubbing a little bit of olive oil or some other cooking oil into the spot often gets rid of them.
  • Cleaning the inside of the oven. Avoid a lot of the problem by laying down a sheet of tin foil at the bottom of the oven to catch any spillage. To clean the other bits, mix up a paste of baking soda and water and leave this on the sides. Then scrub off. It will involve elbow grease, but it is less alarming than using one of those harsh oven-cleaning sprays.