Ten Cleaning Tips to Make Your House Shine

Cleaning a house is not usually a lot of fun. It ranks slightly higher on the scale than a visit to the dentist for most people, however, there are ways to make this task a bit easier.

1) Before you start decide what areas you will clean, and de-clutter them. It is much easier to clean if you have last years magazines and the the favours you got from the baby shower out of the way.
2)Gather the supplies you will need It is much easier to have everything together, than milling around looking for your rubber gloves for a half an hour.
Household Items that can be Handy for Cleaning
3) Easily clean your microwave by using a bowl of hot water scented with a little bit of lemon juice. Heat the water for one minute, and wipe up spills and grease.
4) Most people know about using white vinegar and water to make a decent window cleaner. Use this if you are trying to save some money, it makes a good cleaner that you could use in place of windex.
5) Another old standby is to use coke to clean the toilets. This works great if you have run out of toilet bowl cleaner. Let it sit for about an hour and bubble away, brush and you have a pristine clean toilet bowl. After you see how great it works in the toilet to remove rust stains you might think twice about putting it in your stomach however, that is for you to decide.
6)Use baking soda toothpaste to remove magic marker marks from walls and counters. Sometimes those sharpies or markers can get away from you if you have little ones, and the marks can be difficult to remove.

Green Cleaning

7) For "green cleaning" use the fantastic 4. baking soda, vinegar, lemon juice and salt. These are safe and effective cleaners for many home cleaning projects.
8) Use old newspapers to clean windows. They are cheaper than paper towels, and using something twice is a good use of material.They work just as well as paper towels and is something you can easily do.

Take the Stress out of Cleaning by Scheduling it

9) Yes, I know you would rather schedule a manicure than clean a closet, however,another way to take some of the stress out of cleaning is to schedule your cleaning. Try cleaning your bathroom weekly on a certain day of the week, the same for kitchen counter tops,mirrors etc. If you do the task on a weekly basis the job will be much smaller than waiting until it"really needs it."
10) For cleaning entire rooms with a lot of clutter use the SPACE method. It is used by professional organisers to organise rooms. It stands for sort, organise, purge, containerise and equalise. Nothing makes a room look cleaner than being well organised with every item in it's place.
Cleaning does not have to be a huge task that will destroy your day, if some of these easy tips are put into place. Your home will shine and you can relax and take a sip of Chianti.