The Best Ever House Cleaning Tips and Tricks

There are certain solutions which work even in the most difficult situations and we will look into some of them below.

  1. As the Christmas season is coming shortly, you will probably light a lot of candles to make the atmosphere more festive. To make the candles last longer, place the candle in the freezer for few hours before lighting it.
  2. When the temperatures outside drop significantly, your car's windows may become icy. To defrost them, make a mixture of vinegar and water and spray it on the windows.

  3. To make your room smell fresh, when using the vacuum cleaner, you can add few drops of a nice smelling essential oil close to the vent of the hot water of your vacuum cleaner. Alternatively you can add vacuum freshener tablets into the bag of the vacuum cleaner.   
  4. To clean the top of the wardrobes or the kitchen cupboards, you can use the brush attachments of your vacuum cleaner.  They will help you reach every single corner and remove all the dust.

  5. To wipe away fingerprints from stainless steel appliances, you can use a bit of baby oil on a napkin and all the fingerprints will be completely gone.
  6. To avoid scrubbing the microwave, place a glass of water and lemon juice and let it boil for five minutes. The steam will dissolve the grease and you will be able to wipe it down easily.
  7. To be able to find the light switches in the dark, put a small part of luminous tape which will guide you in the darkness.
  8. To remove oil stains from garments, rub a bit of shampoo on the stain and rinse it. Then place the garment for washing and run your usual washing machine cycle.
  9. When changing the water of your aquarium, rather than throwing the water you can use it to water your plants. This water contains nutrients and will be beneficial for your plants.
  10. Soap leftovers could be used to make your own liquid soap, place the bits in an empty bottle, add some glycerine and water and your liquid soap is ready.
  11. When taking a shower, you probably notice that your mirrors become foggy. Rubbing some soap on them will really help and make them clear. Wipe the mirror with a soft cloth and you will be able to use them as intended.
  12. To remove cigarette or other unpleasant odours from your room, you can light a match and let it burn. You will notice a big difference in the indoor air.
  13. If your toilet bowl looks dirty and you are not able to remove the nasty stains with any detergent, you can try pouring Coke and leaving it to develop for few hours. It is so strong that is able to dissolve lime scale and dirt.
  14. Shower curtains become smelly and grubby and they need to be washed every two to three weeks. You can wash it in the washing machine the usual way with some towels and other laundry.