The Most Unpleasant Cleaning Tasks

Vacuum cleaner bag

Replacing the vacuum cleaner bag is important in order to keep it suck the dust and dirt as intended. No matter how powerful your vacuum cleaner is, if you do not replace the bag, it will not work at a maximum power. When full, the vacuum cleaner bag can even harden the work of the vacuum cleaner and it can even damage it. You don't need to wait until the bag becomes really full, you will notice it is time to change it when the vacuum cleaner doesn't suck all the particles from the floor and the motor produces a different noise. You can also try putting your hand on the brush when the vacuum cleaner is turned on to check the level of the suction. If it is time to replace the bag, turn the vacuum cleaner off, remove the bag carefully avoiding the dust from the bag to spread in the air and dispose it into the bin. The frequency of the bag replacement mainly depends on the model of your vacuum cleaner, but it also depends on how many people live in your house, whether you have kids or pets and the way you live and use the rooms.

Emptying and cleaning the rubbish bin

You probably use refuse sacks in the kitchen bin to store your household rubbish in. The sacks need to be replaced often to avoid bad smells to come out of your bin. It depends how much waste you produce, but it will be good if you replace the bin bags every two-three days. When replacing them, it is very important you wash the bin itself, as very often food and liquids drop out of the bin bag and they make the bin dirty. It can also lead to bacteria, mould and mildew to grow causing a nasty stench to come out of your bin and spread all over your house. After you have removed the bin bag, spray the bin inside and outside with a cleaning detergent, scrub the bin with a sponge to clean the dirt and disinfect the bin. This will not only kill bacteria, but will also neutralise odour. Rinse the bin with water and let it dry or absorb the water with a towel and put a new rubbish bag.

Scrubbing shower screens and tiles

Showers screens and tiles may require a lot of efforts if they haven't been cleaned for a long time. Soap build ups and lime scale will make the job harder and even the strongest chemical might not be able to clean the tiles and the shower screen. Spray them with a bathroom cleaner and leave the solution to develop. Then with the help of a sponge, scrub every square inch of the tiled area and then rinse with water. If necessary repeat the process few more times until you are completely satisfied with the results. The same applies to the shower screen. To avoid this big scrubbing, clean your shower area every week and it will maintain your shower room clean and shiny at all times.