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updated: 04/10/2023

Binoculars help to see distant objects which might be of an interest to the viewer. Depending on the purpose, there are various designs and materials binoculars are made of, but they all need to be cleaned for a maximum clarity of the picture.

Why Cleaning Binoculars?

Cleaning BinocularsDirt may come from different sources especially when the binoculars are used outdoors – rain, wind or fog may cause you lenses to become dirty. Apart from the fact that dirty lenses do not offer such a quality and high detailed image, any scratches on the lenses of the binoculars will be a permanent damage and will worsen the quality of the picture. For these reasons binoculars should be regularly cleaned to get the best of them.

How to Clean Binoculars?

  • To clean the lenses

It is necessary when cleaning binoculars lenses that you touch them carefully as they are delicate. The best way to remove the dust from them is to use a soft brush to brush the dust away. The brush has to be soft enough not to harm the lenses. It will be helpful to use a damp cotton bud to wipe down any remaining dust and dampening it with pure water will be sufficient. Using improper chemicals may damage the lenses. At the end use a specialised soft cloth to polish the lenses and remove any fingerprints. Using paper towel is not recommended as they may scratch the lenses.

  • To clean the body of the binoculars

The body of the binocular requires cleaning because bacteria and dirt build up when they are constantly used. Human’s oils and general dust are transferred to the binoculars when operating them and general cleaning will help your binoculars to preserve their beauty for longer. Wipe down every part of the binoculars with a damp cloth trying not to touch the lenses. Repeat cleaning in any areas where the dirt is still visible. When cleaned, wipe the binocular with a dry cloth to make sure there is no any moisture on it.

Following these tips will help you maintain your binoculars in a clean condition and will maximise their performance.

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