Carpet Cleaning Hackney Marshes E9

First Class Carpet Cleaning Provider in Hackney Marshes

Anyclean provides a cost effective carpet cleaning service to residential and commercial customers in Hackney Marshes E9. Our carpet cleaning specialists deep clean your carpet by using safe, non-toxic cleaning products and powerful cleaning equipment. The services Anyclean provides are 100% guaranteed and we hold a full public liability insurance to protect your carpet. 

Quick Drying Times

  • Professional carpet cleaning
  • Hot water extraction method
  • Dry HOST carpet cleaning
  • Rotary shampoo
  • Stain removal
  • Scotchguard protection 
  • Anti-static treatment

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At Anyclean we will provide you with the best possible price and we will come to clean your carpet in Hackney Marshes E9 in the most suitable time for you. To get a quote and arrange an appointment, please call 020 7099 6964.

 Single bedroom  £20.00
 Double bedroom  £25.00
 Lounge  £27.00
 Hallway  £15.00
 Staircase (up to 12 steps)  £18.00
 Landing  £6.00
 Bathroom  £5.00
 Small rug (up to 2 sq m)  £15.00
 Large rug (3-6 sq m)  £25.00
 Extra large rug ( more than 6 sq m) £40.00

Bacteria and Odour Removal

Carpet Cleaning Hackney MarshesBefore we start cleaning your carpet, we make a full inspection to check its condition and we will inform you on any stains which may be permanent. With our specialised equipment we spray heated water with added chemicals to clean the carpet and then with the powerful suction system we extract the dissolved dirt. We apply the same process for all our customers in Hackney Marshes E9.

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Powerful Cleaning Equipment

We know you might be concerned whether we use the right cleaning equipment for your type of carpet. The answer is - yes, as we invest in the most powerful and efficient cleaning equipment which guarantees successful removal of soil and bacteria from the carpet fibers. This equipment is the best one currently available on the market and has successfully helped a large number of residents in Hackney Marshes E9.

Trained Carpet Cleaners

Sadly, there are companies on the market which offer a professional carpet cleaning Hackney Marshes E9 without educating their staff. We at Anyclean are different - we start with intensive training on our technicians and only after they gain the necessary practical experience, they have the chance to clean the carpets of our customers.


Carpet Cleaner Hackney MarshesWe encourage our customers to give us their feeback at the end of our service and if they happen to be not entirely satisfied, we will further clean their carpets. We value our customers and their positive response is our main goal.

To book a carpet cleaning in Hackney Marshes E9, please call 020 7099 6964.

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Carpet cleaning Hackney Marshes and the neighbourhood:

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Interesting Places Around Hackney Marshes...

  • The area of Hackney Marshes E9 is within the London Borough of Hackney situated on the western bank of the River lea. The site was originally a true marsh, but was extensively drained from Medieval times, as well as rubble being dumped there from buildings that were damaged by the bombings during the World War II. Consisted mostly of grassland the area was incorporated into the Lee Valley Park in 1967.
  • The marsh was formed due to the periodic flooding of the river in the past, and so created a useful pasture, but could not be used permanently. 
  • The River Lea itself has always been an essential waterway, being navigable to Hertfordshire. It forms a natural boundary, so in 527 AD it outlined the boundary between the Saxon kingdoms of Essex and Middesex. During the 9th century, it formed a part of the Danelaw boundary and reputedly, King Alfred stranded an invading Viking fleet on the site in 895.