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If you have been looking for a reliable cleaning company to take care of your carpeted flooring, we have a good news for you! Your search is over! 

Dirty carpet? Nast stains or just general grime? We blast them all with our powerful Ashby Ninjas, Prochems and Powr-flites. Carpet cleaning is not that expensive as it sounds. We are the proof this service can be quite affordable and at the same time still able to deliver amazing jaw-dropping results. Your Hanwell home will feel much fresher and nicer after a good carpet deep clean. Guaranteed!


11 Step Carpet Cleaning Process 

  • Thorough survey of all soft furnishings 
  • Identify spots and stains to be treated
  • Pre-vacuum all carpeted areas 
  • Protect furniture legs
  • Pre-spray with alkaline solution 
  • Mechanically agitate carpet fibres
  • Hot water extraction with acidic solution
  • Treat each mark and spot separately
  • Re-extract 
  • Groom pile
  • Deodorise
  • Apply Scotchgard Stain Protection (optional)




Guaranteed Carpet Clean and Peace of Mind


Anyclean was established back in 1998. We have beenproviding professional carpet & upholstery cleaning in Hanwell W7 since the very early days. Pretty soon we found the magic formula for complete customer satisfaction - our clients speak - we listen and clean accordingly. We still do that however on a more advanced scale.

Our company offers a convenient, flexible, friendly, reliable and extensive carpets and rug cleaning service in your local area now. We deliver a great solution and charge a fair and transparrent price. Our service is fully insured and guaranteed against defects. By entrusting the care of your carpets to Anyclean you ensure that you receive a comprehensive carpet cleaning solution backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee, all based on 15 years of field experience and fine-tuned skills. 

We invest thousands of pounds in the latest equipment so you can have the freshest spotless carpet in town. Our carpet and upholstery cleaning technicians have been trained and certified by the NCCA while Anyclean adheres to the Association's Code of Practice. 

Carpet Cleaning HanwellSay goodbye to bacteria and mites on your carpet - call 020 7099 6964 to schedule your service. Our technicians are available 7 days a week includng Bank Holidays. We select only the most knowledgeable, friendly and experienced Hanwell carpet cleaners to service your home in W7. Give them a call now!

Click here for the full list of all London carpet care areas our carpet care technicians currently service.

Do not hesitate to call us today on 020 7099 6964 and get a quote or find out more about the cleaning services we offer.


Benefits of Cleaning Your Carpet Professionally  


Well, the benefits are simply countless and improved look is not the main one. Here are the important ones.


Removing Hardened Soil

In the course of time your carpet fibres become covered in oily matter that is very hard to remove. A deep professional clean can get rid of this gready dirt. And no, you can't buy a spotter from Tesco and do it yourself. If that worked, we'd be doing it instead of spending thousands on costly equioment and maintenance. 


Flushing Out Dust Mites, Bacteria and All Those Nasty Creepy-Crawlies

You'd be surprised at the micro-universe that exists in your carpet and other floor coverings. Your health is more important than the look of your carpet and surely you want those buggers out. Deep hot water extraction clean ensures that the majority of your fibre-invaders are exterminated and removed. The result - significantly improved indoor air quality.

Bio Waste Ellimination

Human skin cells and hair, pet hairs, urine and pet feces, sweat and other bodily fluids often end up in the carpet. They are not just unpleasant to see but some of them emit offensive odours. Some of them may have serious health implications if left untreated. A thorough carpet cleaning treatment is a must.

Hard Particles Ruining Your Carpet

Sometimes vacuuming cannot extract all the hard matter from the fibres. During normal use of the carpet, these dust particles act like sand paper grinding the material downs and causing irrepairable long term damage. The solution - regular vacuumung and a professional deep clean using a machine with powerful suction from its 3-stage vacuum motors.

Prolonging The Life Of Your Carpeting

Maintaining your beautiful Axminster or Wilton investment every six months to a year, ensures that you elliminate all of the abovementioned problems. Looking after your carpet will repay the efforts with extended use of your precious floor coverings and constant good looks. Your home will enjoy improved indoor air quality and a fresh feel-good interior.


How Much Does Carpet Cleaning Cost in Hanwell


 Carpeted Area  Price Per Room
Single bedroom £20.00
Double bedroom £25.00
Lounge from £27.00
Hallway £15.00
Staircase (up to 12 steps) £18.00
Landing £6.00
Bathroom £5.00
Small rug £15.00
Large rug £25.00
Prices exclude VAT. Congestion charge and parking fees (if applicable) may apply.



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