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updated: 18/11/2023

Having made stains on your carpet, you may decide to deal with them yourself. Before taking the first cleaning products from your kitchen cupboard and start scrubbing, check this general advice.

Using household cleaning products to remove stains on your carpet, may turn the problem into something worse. It is common that people try to save money when the accident on the carpet happens, but you should be aware that the carpet is one of the important aspects of your interior and keeping it in a good condition  is important for your house to look beautiful. In every house there is a carpet cleaning product available, but it is not always the right choice. There are different carpet cleaners for the different kind of stains and applying some product on a stain is not a solution.

There are foam products which many people expect would do wonders on your stains, but they are just a temporary solution and they may seriously affect the condition on your carpet even if you don’t notice it straight away. After few months, where the previous stain was and you tried to clean with the foam carpet cleaner, you will notice a darker colour are of the carpet which has absorbed the dirt which has gone deeply into the carpet fibres. It is not the desired effect from the cleaning, isn’t it? If a professional carpet cleaning technician would do the cleaning for you, he would definitely extract the foam and do some pre and post treatments to avoid side effects.

If you prefer to do carpet cleaning at your West Drayton home yourself, you have to read a lot of information before you know how and what to use for best results. Then you will know which products to buy for your type of carpet and when to use them. It is advisable to get an advice from an expert if you aren’t clear in a certain situation what to do.

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