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updated: 18/11/2023

Several carpet cleaning facts exist which most of us are not familiar with.

  • For example the oldest carpet was found in Siberia and it was around 2000 years old.high-end persian rug
  • Sometimes furniture legs make the carpet squashed, but there is a cure for it – using the steam from the iron and a coin, lifting the carpet fibres is easy. Your carpet fibres will be live again and your carpet will look as beautiful as before with no signs where your furniture was.
  • If you wonder why people book a professional carpet cleaning Clapton service instead of killing dust mites themselves, the answer is simple – some products which kill dust mites are dangerous to humans and over dozing may cause an allergic reactions. Also the dead dust mites need to be vacuumed after that to avoid further allergies.
  • Red wine is one of the most stubborn stains on the carpet and completely removing it might be a challenging task. As soon as the accident happen, scrub the carpet with soda and salt, they will absorb the red wine. White vinegar may also be helpful in this situation. With these cooking ingredients you could achieve even better results than a professional steam cleaning of your carpet.
  • It is hard to believe, but the vacuum cleaners in the past were so huge that they required few people to operate them. Compared to the variety of today’s vacuum cleaners, they were not that convenient to use.
  • In the ancient times when there were no carpets, people covered their floor with rushes to make the floor soft and warm.
  • It is proved that indoors there is twice dust than outdoors and in house environment is the desired one by dust mites.
  • Oriental carpets come in different designs which are inherited by regions in Central Asia. The first carpets were made many centuries before Christ.

These and many more carpet facts could be found in old books and magazines where we could see the evolution of the term “carpet”.

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