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updated: 18/11/2023

More and more people are finding the Wii Fit to be the ideal way to exercise in the comfort of their homes. The Wii Fit balance board is a tough piece of equipment and is designed for heavy use. But it does get dirty and needs to be cleaned regularly. Silicone sleeves are now available to cover the balance boards, but not only do these need to be cleaned themselves, using them does not mean that the board itself does not require an occasional cleaning. This is something that most house cleaning services do not include in their standard list of cleaning activities, and since it’s so easy, you should consider doing it yourself.

First of all, make sure that the balance board is only used with bare feet. But even bare feet can lead to problems as germs are deposited in the board. The more people who use a balance board, the higher the chance of it being the cause of athlete’s foot, and other such problems.

When cleaning the balance board remember that it is an electrical device and should never get wet. Start by wiping down the balance board with a soft lint free dry cloth. Make sure you wipe the underside also. If there is any accumulated dirt or spots of grime, try and rub them off with a dry cloth, making sure you do not use so much pressure that the balance board gets damaged. Once that is done, use disposable disinfectant wipes to wipe off the surface – do not rub, just wipe. Once this is done, use another soft lint free cloth the remove any residual dampness left behind by the wipes.

Depending on how much the Wii balance board is used and by how many people, a regular cleaning schedule of once a week to once a month will normally keep it in a clean and infection free state.

To clean a silicone sleeve just place it in some warm soapy water, let it soak for about 30 minutes and then scrub it gently. If any dirty spots remain, scrub them with a soft cloth. Rinse the sleeve in clean water, repeating the process 2 or 3 times if need be, to ensure that no soap deposits remain on the sleeve. Wipe the sleeve, both inside and out with a clean towel. Allow to air dry until you are sure no moisture remains on either the inner or outer surfaces or then refit on the balance board.

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