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updated: 15/11/2023

Domestic cleaning by a professional cleaning company is usually more thorough than the cleaning service provided Do you need more time for the first clean?by yourself. The cleaners have all the knowledge and experience necessary to provide an excellent service. When the cleaners are starting to clean a home on a regular basis, the first visit usually takes longer as they need to clean all areas properly.  No matter whether the customer had a professional cleaning service before or whether the property was cleaned by the home owner, there will be a lot of work involved on the first time.

The kitchen cleaning usually begins with the kitchen cupboards, the fridge, the oven, the hops and the small cleaning appliances. Everything needs to be wiped down, the lime scale to be removed from the sink, all worktops and the floor need to be disinfected too.

In the bathroom, all water stains must be removed by spraying the bath and shower all over with a strong chemical which will ease the process of removing lime scale. The toilet bowl and seat need to be deep cleaned and all bathroom cabinets have to be cleaned from inside and out. The basin and the floor need to be deep cleaned as well.

The bedrooms and the lounge need to be dusted properly, all wardrobes, shelves and drawers need to be cleaned from inside and outside. The top of the wardrobes get very dusty if they are not wiped properly. All mirrors, blinds, window, window sills, skirting boards and door frames need to be washed with a detergent as the dust builds up there very quickly.

Vacuuming the carpeted floors, washing and disinfecting the wood ones is essential for the overall hygiene of the property. Once it is done properly, it will require less time on each domestic cleaning session.

The above cleaning tasks need to be performed before a domestic cleaner starts cleaning the property on a regular basis. It is very important the property is cleaned very well on the first visit and then maintained clean by providing a weekly domestic cleaning.

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