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updated: 09/11/2023

How to keep your carpet health-safeCarpets provide convenience and they count towards the property value. They come in different designs, materials, colours and thickness, but they all need washing in order to be kept clean. As washing cannot be performed on a weekly basis, there are some useful tips which could be followed to have beautiful and healthy carpets.

The high piled carpets are preferred by many people as they are soft and warm, but they are a great environment for dust mites and other bacteria. These carpets also trap dust and moisture and they are harder to be cleaned properly. Regular vacuuming and washing at least every year is essential, but you need to choose the company wisely as those carpets are not cleaned by every carpet cleaning company in Grays.

Having a door mat is helpful to avoid dirt coming into your house and also walking without shoes on the carpet will prevent it from getting stained by mud. Vacuum your carpet as regular as possible, if you have the time by doing it twice a week for example will reduce the amount of dust in your house. Within your house cleaning include dusting the furniture, skirting boards and all places where dust is possible to gather.

If you make a stain on your carpet, try to clean it as soon as possible as later it will be harder to clean it. There are various carpet cleaning products you could use, but if you prefer natural substances, vinegar and baking soda will work.

Before you lay the carpet you’ve liked, make sure it is washable. Some types of carpets are suitable for dry cleaning only and treating them with water will ruin them completely. The most efficient way to clean carpets is by using a hot water extraction powerful machine which extracts dirt, kills bacteria and leaves a fresh smell and beautiful look on your carpet.

Maintaining your carpets in a good condition will protect your investment and will extend the life of your carpet.  Apart from that is there anyone who doesn’t like clean and comfortable home?

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