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updated: 03/11/2023

It is a general observation that the life of a phone ranges from one year to a few years. However following proper maintenance routine and cleaning techniques is sure to give your phones a longer lease of life. Most of the recent generation phones can be separated and then again assembled into a single piece. It is often seen that one often tends to clean their phone by simply wiping them off on their shirt sleeves. Cleaning a phone has always been a simple task that you do yourself rather than asking your domestic cleaner to do it for you and given below are a few steps on how to clean your phone and give it a longer life than usual.

First of all you must remove the battery and then slowly remove the faceplate and keypad. Following that take a whole bottle of rubbing alcohol and a Q-tip and make sure that you wet the Q-tip enough with the alcohol and then proceed with the application of the same on the various parts of your phone to cleanse it thoroughly. After that make use of a fresh cotton cloth to wipe the phone and then slowly assemble the parts together. Not only will your phone look great after this but will also be free from that of bacteria.

You must always clean your phone part by part. First of all proceed towards removing the external parts and then take care of cleaning the buttons and following that clean the screen of your phone and the last but not the least parts which need thorough cleansing is the speaker zone and the connectors. The connectors which are found at the bottom of your cell phone are to be cleaned wholeheartedly. For cleaning your phone you can also make use of a used toothbrush if you are unable to find a rag. You must always make sure that you remove all the dust particles from the phone. After cleaning the phone you must wash your hands thoroughly to get rid of the rubbing alcohol.

You must also take care of some tips while cleaning your phone and those include the trial of a lightweight and clean cloth. You must never make use of a rag which is prone to frequent exposure to chemical agents such as bleach. You must not also use a rag which will leave behind fuzz. You must also be aware of the fact that you should never apply alcohol on the charging ports of your cell phone or any of its interior parts as well. You must bear the fact that you must never spray the cleanser directly over the phone.

It is always believed that proper cleaning of the phone ensures its long life and makes its appearance get the new shine everyday. Making it look new all the while would also ensure that you get a good resale value when you decide to purchase a new set after disposing off the old one. So get set to clean your phone and by doing so, your giving it a new lease of life.

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