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updated: 03/11/2023

Maintaining the original sparkle and shine of the silverware has never been easy. Those of you who use silverware often would vouch for this fact. A lot of women also have a whole collection of silverware that they like to use for special family dinners, parties etc. But then again the problem remains the same, whether you use it once a while or you use it on a regular basis, with silverware it’s difficult to keep them shining.

The market is flooded with so many products including the bleach powders and dish washing powders etc but then they hardly come up to your expectations. Most of the silverware collect this haze on its surfaces with time and it seems almost next to impossible task to get rid of that collected haze. A lot of dish washing cleansers that are advertised as, specialized products for cleaning the silverware have harsh domestic cleaning London chemicals in it. Though you might be happy for a while with the results of such dish washing powders, in the long run they cause more harm than good to your precious silverware. These harsh dish washing detergents will gradually rob your silverware of the natural silver shine and make them look all the more duller. Some of the dishwasher detergents formulated especially for cleaning the silverware, actually have a high content of bleach in it. If you use these types of detergents for once in month cleaning of your silverware it’s still OK but if you use the silverware on daily basis and need to clean them frequently then avoid using the strong dishwasher detergents.

The products advertised as the silverware washing detergents are again very expensive when compared to the ordinary dishwasher detergents and cleansers. There are a variety of products now launched as the specialized cleansers for cleaning silverware. Some of the manufacturers claim the products to be environmental friendly while others claim the products to be free of bleach but then finding a dishwasher detergent that would suit your requirement is a trial and error method. One can’t really rely on the marketing gimmicks by various vendors as most of the products that promise to give your silverwares the sparkling shine end up only bleaching your silverware but not really cleaning it.

The best way to maintain your silverware would be to go in for a combination of strong dishwasher detergents and the cleansers with milder detergents. Make it a rule to use mild detergents only for the daily cleaning and also ensure that you wipe your silverware dry with a rag or a cloth before you put them on the rack, this will help you to avoid getting those water stains on your silverware. Use the strong detergents sparingly only for stubborn grease or stains. You can create a routine of cleaning the silverwares once in fifteen days or may be month with the detergents that has bleach in it. But then again choose your products carefully and opt for the detergents that have lesser bleach in it and are environment friendly.

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