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updated: 03/11/2023

How to keep your swimming pool cleanHaving a home swimming pool is great and you can enjoy lots of your free time in it, but it may become a pool of bacteria if it isn’t cleaned and disinfected regularly. Even though your swimming pool water may look clear and transparent, it may contain harmful substances which should be dealt with.

To start cleaning the swimming pool, you need to make sure you have all the necessary cleaning materials and equipment in hand. For this purpose, it is essential you have chemicals which sanitise the water. They might come in the form of tablets or granules. One option is to use chlorine which kills bacteria and it has to be used at least once a month. The filters also need to be washed regularly as they gather a lot of invisible dirt.

It is also recommended the water in the swimming pool to be tested regularly. Not checking how clean your pool water is, may result in diseases spreading around and even to fatal consequences for your household.

A specialised vacuum cleaner could be used to vacuum the dirt from the floor of the swimming pool. There is a variety of pool vacuum cleaners which could be manual or automatic ones. With the hose attachment go through the floor area of the pool and al unnecessary items will be vacuumed by the vacuum cleaner.

For the everyday needs of cleaning the pool, it is essential you get a leaf net which you can use to clean leafs and other objects fallen in the water. Catch the object you would like to remove with the net and dispose it in the bin.

To clean the walls of the swimming pool, a brush will come very handy. Scrub thoroughly all corners, edges and walls by using a cleaning detergent. Chlorine bleach is useful for this type of cleaning, although there are also specialised pool cleaning products which might be more efficient.

Swimming pools have to be cleaned regularly in order to prevent the development of harmful bacteria and some of the different ways to achieve this were discussed.

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