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updated: 29/10/2023

You will get contradicting answers to this question simply because some people care about the hygiene more than the others. Having carpets at home is always related to hiring a professional carpet cleaning service at least once every year. There is no healthy carpet without the help of a carpet cleaner who uses an advanced equipment to provide an excellent quality service. Apart from keeping the carpet fibres free from bacteria, the professional chemicals also remove stains and dirt and improve the overall look of your carpet. It is also proved that your carpet’s life will be extended if you maintain it clean and fresh.

Some people believe that vacuuming the carpet every week extracts all the dirt and dust, but there are other microorganisms who live inside your carpet without you even noticing their existence. These small bacteria cannot be removed with a domestic vacuum cleaner, but they rather have to be treated with one of those powerful machines which clean the carpet fibres in depth. By using specialised cleaning products, the carpet cleaners in Molesey disinfect the carpet fibres and rinse them with clean water. The machines they use extract almost the whole amount of water, but the carpet requires few hours to dry out completely.

The process of cleaning carpets may look simple, but in fact all carpet cleaning technicians attend courses and pass exams in order to be awarded with certificates for providing professional carpet cleaning. The carpet cleaning courses vary in price, but those which are recognised by the National Carpet Cleaning Association are worth the money. If you are planning to enrol for a course, do your research in advance to avoid disappointments at the end. There are also some cleaning companies which would cover the costs for you if you work for them after you obtain the qualification.

In conclusion we could say that professional carpet cleaning is worth the price as there is no alternative to the excellent results it offers. Before you book your carpet cleaning, ask the technician to prove he is certified.

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