Janitor Confessions – A Day In My Professional Life

updated: 18/01/2023

New Beginning as an Office Cleaner

Today I started my first day as a janitor. I looked for something to work all summer, but in the end a friend of mine What's it like to be a janitor in Londonrecommended me to a facilities manager he knew and here I am, the humble office cleaning operative of the London School of Economics in the great City of London. My duties do not only include cleaning of the school classrooms, auditoriums and toilets, I have quite a few office premises to clean and maintain too. I love my work and I can’t say I am not happy. I try to be as dutiful as I can be. I like to be perfect in all I do, even in the smallest things. I can’t say it’s easy what I do, but I like hard work.

In my spare time and lunch time, I usually go out and observe students of all ages walking, talking, laughing, arguing or having lunch. I like young people and their noise and innocence remind me of my childhood and younger years.

I used to be like them, playful, full of life and having so many dreams of my own. But life has its own rough way of turning every sweet thing into a bitter one. But I am not complaining. I want to be happy and sometimes I like to watch how these kids try to make their own dreams come true.

Commercial Window Cleaning Story with a Happy Ending

One day, when I tried to carry out the weekly external window cleaning (wash all the panes and frames with pure water), I noticed that some of the younger guys were playing baseball. In a beat of a heart, that tiny ball darted through the almost cleaned window and the window broke in multitude of pieces. I saw how the kids were paralysed and one by one disappeared in fear. One stood still. I wouldn’t know for sure if it was the fear that stunned him or he was to brave to leave the battlefield. But my heart told me to go to him and try to find out more.

“Son, I always tell the boys to play in a far away place from the school. Accidents might happen”.

No answer. I closed near him. He was crying

“Don’t cry, child. I know you didn’t do it on purpose”.

“But,sir! If the principal finds out, I might get expelled”.

” And I bet your poor mother can’t afford the cost. I know. I understand. Don’t cry. We’ll find something!”

The poor child raised his red face and his little eyes were glittering. He was grateful to this big and kind man. He wished he’d be his father, his father who went in a rescue mission and never came back.

“I have an idea-I exclaimed.Why won’t you come on weekends at my house? We’ll plan something there to find the money we need for replacing that window.”

The boy was glad and nodded. Saturday came and young Timothy came also.

“What are you good at?” I asked him rather directly.

He was startled in the beginning, but he answered though:

“I like reading, listening to music and I think I am good at writing and drawing”

“Very good then. We’ll start immediately. Look! This juice and sandwich is for you. After you eat, we’ll start working.”

“Working?” asked the astonished youngster.

“Yes. It’s a good start for paying your debts”

Timothy blushed but agreed.

“OK. Here is what I ask of you. A friend of mine likes to collect little stories with pictures in it. He has many kids who would be delighted to read them. What do you say, are you capable of writing an interesting story?”

“I’ll try. I’ll do my best”

And Timothy started writing. After some weeks of hard work, he received his first salary: exactly the same money they needed for the window.

“Now, boy. I am proud of you. I am sure that when you’ll grow up you’ll be a fine man. You have so much to offer. I am sure that you’ll use your talents as you should. I am happy I met you, my dear child”

“No, uncle Tom. I am happy I met you. You were my mentor and you guided my steps and cherished me. You made my talents blossom. Without you probably I’d become a janitor, just like you.”

I wasn’t offended. I knew he was right. And I’ll always cherish these memories. They make the sweet in life.

About the author 

Nick Vassilev

Nick blogs about cleaning. He is a cleaning expert with more than 25 years of experience. He is also an NCCA-certified carpet cleaner. Founder and CEO of Anyclean.