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updated: 23/10/2023

One of the good bits the movie version of Lord of the Rings left out was Tolkien’s poetry. One poem that appears in the early parts of the book is a favourite song that hobbits sing in the bath. It begins “Sing hey for the bath at the close of day/That washes the weary mud away./A loon is he that will not sing/O Water Hot is a noble thing!” The poem then goes on to celebrate the joy of hot baths.

And Tolkien is right – there is nothing quite like a good hot bath to relax you and soothe you as well as get you clean. As another poet, Sylvia Plath, said: “There must be quite a few things that a hot bath can’t cure, but I don’t know many of them.” Any good hot bath is a good bath, but some things make a bath even more luxurious. Best of all, you can make these yourself. They also make good gifts.

Salt in the bath helps cleanse the skin more deeply and also stops your skin getting that water-wrinkle effect more quickly. Sea salt is best, as it has other minerals apart from salt. And if it’s scented, all the better. To make your own scented and coloured bath salts, simply take ordinary sea salt or any cooking salt, add a few drops of food colouring (the more you add, the more intense the colour will be) and some fragrant or essential oils. Put this in a glass jar and shake it together until the colour has dispersed through the salt. It’s that easy! Add about a tablespoon or so to your bath – or more! As you know salt could be used to make your own natural domestic cleaning London product.

To make a jelly-like bath goop that is popular with children in particular, combine 2 tablespoons of gelatine and 1 cup shampoo with a cup of boiling water. You can add food colouring. Leave it to set. To make this “special” and fun for children (or your inner child), add things into the goop after half an hour (before it has fully set). Glitter is a charming addition, although it may leave a few sparkles in hair (but is that such a bad thing?). For boys with an obsession with things gross and disgusting, putting plastic worms, bugs or spiders is nice and disgusting, but still gets them clean.

Bath bags are used to scrub the skin as well as add things into the bath that are good for the skin. These are simply bags that tie shut filled with things. You can use old pantyhose as a bath bag – cut off the foot and knot it shut (not too tight a knot if you plan to reuse the “bag”). Old flannels also work – these are even better as exfoliants. As a base for any bath bag, use rolled oats. Oats is a wonderful skin softener as well as an exfoliant. You can even use leftover porridge in a bath bag, but don’t give this one as a gift. To the rolled oats, you can add dried herbs, essential oils or milk powder, or any combination of these. Experiment to find your favourites. Lavender (oil or flowers) is supposed to be relaxing. A bath bag can only be used once or twice at most –after use, throw the contents of the bag out and wash the bag well before re-using.

Bath bombs fizz deliciously in the bath. Make these from a combination of tartaric acid, bicarbonate of soda and powdered starch in the ratio of 1:1:½ and some essential oil of your choice. Mix well together, then add a few drops of food colouring, then slowly add oil until the mixture is of the right consistency to be made into balls. Then shape them – round ones are easiest, but you can do whatever you fancy. Leave it the bath bombs to set – this can take up to three weeks. Then just drop them into your bath whenever you fancy. Store them in an airtight jar.

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