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updated: 18/01/2023

Remember the riots last August 2011 that started in London and spread to Birmingham, Bristol, and Liverpool etc.

Well, we could hardly forget them, could we?

I am lucky enough not to live near any of them but I was quite scared and worried to see what was being reported and shown on the television and media.

Watching the news, wondering about the police tactics, and not doing what you expected them to do.

People’s homes and businesses were being set alight and destroyed, looting and even murder. Imagine the bill for deep cleaning all sorts of stuff of household items. I wonder if that had happened in Kensington, how much would the average victim would have had to pay for carpet cleaning Kensington?

There were so many people affected by life changing events caused by the riots.

The Prime minister had to come home early from holiday in Italy, Football League games had to be postponed and by August 15th 2011, over 3000 people had been arrested and over 1000 appeared in court.

What worrying times they were.

They say that the Blackberry messenger was used to notify the rioters of what and where, but also to the good, Blackberry messenger was used to help catch some of the perpetrators and other social media was used for gathering the clean up helpers.

It is not up to me to write about why it all happened. I do not know the reasons and I am sure many of the people involved do not really know.

All I do know for sure is that there is never, ever, any excuse for murder, stealing and looting, and creating carnage.

What I do have sympathy for is the plight of the inner city slums and unemployment. I cannot imagine what it must be like for these people trapped in places like this or to try to find any happiness and contentment.

At the end of the day, we are all looking for this no matter who we are or where we are.

However, out of all that mayhem, turmoil and chaos there came a glimmer of hope. You stopped thinking that it was not everyone rioting and committing these vile acts, but just a very small minority.

For me, that moment came, when, I saw a young man on television, armed with a broom and explaining he was there to help clear up.

I am sorry, but I cannot remember the facts, his name or location but all I know it was very contagious and overwhelming.

Very quickly the idea was spreading all over the country and an army of people with brooms, pans, rubber gloves and any other item they could carry were cleaning up after the rioters.

These people gathering in the streets were armed with brooms and rubber gloves, not guns or knives. It was just magnificent to see them and heart warming to the soul.

These lovely people standing up for peace for all of us, and cleaning up those riot, wrecked streets and bringing back reality to us all.

So, if any of you lovely people are reading this, thank you sincerely from the depths of my heart.

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Nick Vassilev

Nick blogs about cleaning. He is a cleaning expert with more than 25 years of experience. He is also an NCCA-certified carpet cleaner. Founder and CEO of Anyclean.