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updated: 18/01/2023

How To Organise Oneself Into Bearing The Brutal and Unfriendly First Days After New Year’s Eve

End of tenancy cleaners in North London - bathroom tiles cleanedThe secret is – make resolutions. The one thing that can keep your mind away from the horrific credit card bill you have just inflicted on your poor soul, is to make plans how to make your home friendlier, cleaner and tidier. Another wining thought in that direction would be that spending time cleaning the house will put your mind at ease, relax and lose a few pounds. A win-win situation for sure.

After all the Christmas and New Year parties have finished and your guests have gone, it is time to tidy up your home and pack away your Christmas decorations. You need to give the house a good clean as over the past month it has become dusty from garlands and other decorations. As you put all of decorations away, it is time to think about the house cleaning resolutions for the next year.

Do I go on a course for carpet cleaners and start looking after my expensive floor coverings myself? Do I watch YouTube cleaning videos and get informed about what others can do for my home? Or do I just do a Google search to find a North West London end of tenancy cleaning company (yep, I live in the NW part of our great UK capital) that can do everything inside the house in a most professional and efficient way? Here are some possible resolutions which you may consider and the way to make them a reality.

1. Keep the house cleaner

You may promise yourself you will be more organised in the New Year and will have the house cleaned more frequently, but if you are in a full time job or have kids at home, you should get real – your house will never be in a perfect condition unless you do a bit of cleaning every day.

2. Save money

Same as for the other purchases, you can check the offers and buy cleaning products only when they are on offer. This will save you a significant amount of money for one year if you make your calculations. If you are a given a voucher, use it instead of throwing it away especially if you are going to make a good saving with it. Instead of spending money for clothes, you can use your old towels or t-shirts to polish the surfaces. You will be able to save money on bill if you save energy. For example you may line dry your laundry instead of using the dryer.

3. Clean quickly

Some people do not mind spending all their free time cleaning, but for those with busy schedules, you need to be quick and have time for more pleasant and important things to do. You need to be motivated in order to clean quickly. Play a pleasant music and start cleaning room by room. Do not clean areas which are still clean from the last cleaning session, but pay attention to filthier areas. Do the most difficult and unpleasant tasks first while you are not tired and leave the easy ones for the end. On a daily basis, when you see a mess, clean it straight away instead of leaving it for the cleaning day. This will save you time and efforts and will make your home look cleaner.

4. Remove clutter

It is far more difficult to clean a messy house and it is almost impossible to make it spotless if it is full with unnecessary stuff. You need to find a place of all the items that you would like to keep and try to place them always on the correct place. For those which you don’t need, just give them to charity or recycle them. The tidier you home is, the easier it will be to get it cleaned.

5. Make a schedule

If you postpone the cleaning to a day when you will have the time, you may always find excuses not to clean. Working on a schedule same as in your other activities help you get organised and do the things right.

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