Pressure Washing Poplar

Patio And Driveway Cleaning In Poplar E14 As It Should Be Done

Are you looking for an eco-friendly and effective way to rejuvenate your house exterior? If you live in Poplar or any other residential area nearby, you can hardly find a better option than Anyclean's patio and driveway cleaning packages! What makes the service so popular among E14 homeowners? First of all, it is completely hassle-free for you as a customer - you do not need to lift a finger in some preliminary preparations, and we bring all the equipment we require with us. Our technicians just need access to running water and electricity - beyond that, you can enjoy your free time while we unleash our sanitary magic!

Second, and equally important - it delivers outstanding results in record time, without the need to employ detergents. We employ arguably the most powerful and effective sanitary method for treating outdoor hard surfaces - pressure washing. It has already proved its merit throughout numerous commercial and industrial cleaning jobs we have performed during the last few years. The concentrated force of high-pressure steam jets is the perfect tool to deal with grime, dust, tree leaves, moss, algae, persistent stains or anything else that ruins the comfort of the patio or the garden.

We equip our technicians with the best heavy-duty equipment available in the UK, which allows us to guarantee 100% customer satisfaction for record-breaking short visits. And although we work outdoors, our procedures in great part are not dependant on weather conditions - unless it snows or rains heavily, we can come and help get the house exterior in the shape you have always wanted it to be. All Anyclean services are available all throughout the year, seven days per week - just give us a quick call on 020 7099 6964, and we will set up an appointment for you right away!

Anyclean is the best house exterior choice in Poplar you can make because:

  • We use the most effective sanitary method available today - pressure washing
  • We can offer you the best cost of service as related to the results you get 
  • Immediate and sustainable hygienic improvement in the condition of your property
  • Incomparable levels of sanitation - we eliminate bacteria, germs, and other allergens
  • Industrial-grade, cutting-edge pressure washing equipment (Karcher, Lowe, Honda)
  • A customer-friendly pricing policy - safe payments, transparent billing, free quotes available 24/7
  • We can work on a wide range of exterior hard surfaces - concrete, terracotta tiles, natural rocks (granite, limestone, marble), brick, mortar, plaster, metals, wooden planking and carpentry, PVC, glass, etc.
  • Eco-friendly and health-safe procedures - we do not employ any detergents whatsoever
  • You can rely on us seven days per week, Bank and National Holidays included (this is a 4-season offer)
  • A bullet-proof quality control policy - we always get the results you require and expect from us!

Anyclean's Pressure Washing Portfolio

  • Fences and railings
  • Veranda fronts and house facades
  • Driveways and sidewalks
  • Front ways and front stairs
  • Garden pathways and alleyways
  • Patios, backyards, and front yards
  • Kids' playgrounds
  • The pool area
  • The outdoor grill and barbecue area
  • Garden and outdoor furniture - lounge chairs, iron, wooden, and plastic chairs, tables, benches, etc.
  • Top-notch paint and graffiti removal.

How Pressure Washing Guarantees 100% Customer Satisfaction?

For most homeowners we serve, exterior cleaning used to begin and end with the traditional running-water wash. Steam-jet cleaning represents an entirely different level of sanitation. On the surface, we remove any type of residue that stands in our way much more thoroughly than running water would. But we go a step further by attacking the real malcontents - the invisible bacteria, germs, and microorganisms that are hazardous to your health and allow dirt to stick and spread in the house exterior. 
Here are a couple of numbers you should always remember - 5000 PSI - the pressure gradient our equipment can generate; and 240-250 degrees Celsius - the temperature of water in our tanks before we turn it into steam jets. Combine these two, and you get the key to our sanitary superiority.

The best way to understand how effective pressure washing can be is to see us in action. Order your free quote with us via the Contact form or call Anyclean on 020 7099 6964 - we will gladly answer any question you have about the service.