The Worst Cleaning Tasks

The Worst Cleaning Tasks

Some of the least favourite cleaning jobs I endure doing are the smelliest ones; you know, the tasks that always seem to get you holding your breath the most. Gloves are almost always essential for these kind of cleaning tasks and, if the other members of the family are involved, often the level of complaints during the cleaning process will go up tenfold. Maybe I’m exaggerating, but when it comes time to clean in and around the toilet, clean the rubbish bin or clean up the cat “whoopsie” off the carpet, it always seems more intense and difficult to get around to doing the chore. Even cleaning the shower or bath can be hard enough!

Before I get into listing the “niceties” I need to make a statement. You don’t have to do all the below tasks yourself! If you don’t feel like cleaning unsavoury parts of your home or office you can always book a professional cleaning company to do the work. All it takes is a quick phone call on 020 7099 6964.

Cleaning Up the Cat Mess

Obviously, cleaning up the cat mess from off the carpet is something you’re going to have to do quickly or, at worst, your friends will notice when coming round later in the evening for a meal and a chat. Their nose will sense that something is awry. When cleaning up cat puke or poop, the easiest way to deal with such a mess is to first grab the gloves (and put them on) and your standard plastic bucket. Fill the bucket to halfway (around five litres of water) with warm to hot water and add around 100–200 ml of disinfectant to the warm water. With cat poop, it’s often easy enough to get some toilet paper and clasp the poop with the toilet paper in your gloved hand and then remove it off the carpet.  Flush the poop and the toilet paper down the toilet - this is the easiest and simplest means of disposal, though you can put it in the rubbish bin. If the poop or puke is mushier, use an implement to gently scoop the poop or puke off the carpet and into the middle of a spread out newspaper wodge, three or four pages thick.

Once the yucky stuff has been scooped off the carpet, then you can fold up the newspaper with its contents and drop it in the rubbish bin. Next, to clean up the remainder of poop or puke in the carpet, take the bucket solution and dip a good sized cloth into the cleaning solution getting it fully saturated. Then ring the cloth out, and gently rub the area, making sure that any small solid bits of poop or puke are lifted from the carpet’s surface. Rinse the dirty cloth in the disinfectant solution, and then repeat the process a few times, ensuring that some of the disinfectant solution soaks into the carpet, as well. Finally, rinse and squeeze out the cloth, and dab the area to soak up the excess cleaning solution. Dispose of the cleaning solution down the laundry tub drain hole or even down the toilet. Clean up the scooper. I always like to finish the process by getting some full concentrated disinfectant and spill it carefully over the spot on the carpet, as this will really kill all the germs as it soaks right into the area. Allow the area to air dry; this will not take too long in a warm and dry home.

Cleaning the Toilet

If you regularly clean the toilet during the week, the job is much more pleasant than if you do the cleaning task once a fortnight, or worse, once a month! By cleaning the toilet regularly, the build-up of gunk around the toilet is greatly reduced and, as a result, less smelly to deal with. One of the great things about disinfectants and toilet cleaners is that they are usually blessed with some very nice aromatic fragrances. This makes cleaning the toilet a whole lot more pleasant, so make sure you get your cleaning fragrance sloshed around the surfaces as quickly as possible, and the job rapidly becomes politer. It’s always a good idea to where gloves while scrubbing and cleaning the toilet surfaces and toilet floor. Not only do gloves keep your hands clean, they also protect your hands from the strong cleaning products that are used to clean and disinfect. 

Now this may sound a bit too “hipster” but I believe that using eco-friendly products to clean your toilet (and your whole house for that matter) is something everyone should think about. Do no evil, as Google says, but do good to our poor planet Earth is even better. Your kids and grandkids will thank you one day for keeping their environment alive. OK, enough with the green stuff.

Cleaning the Rubbish Bin

One of my least favourite smelly jobs is the cleaning out of the rubbish bins. I think the bins always seem to get so smelly because sometimes the drip of blood or meat juice or the decomposing food waste gets spilt onto the inside(or outside) surfaces of the rubbish bin, by accident. Thankfully, the cleaning process for getting the rubbish bin back to smelling nice and looking civilised again is actually very straight forward. There are lots of good cleaning products for cleaning the smelly waste products that get spilt into and over the surfaces of the rubbish bin. Strong cleaners make short work of the cleaning process; just make sure that you wear some good gloves to protect your hands and forearms from the chemicals, as some of the cleaning products can be dangerous and really bad for your skin. A brush with strong bristles is very effective for scrubbing the rubbish bin surfaces. Usually, the cleaning solutions are mixed with water. Make sure you follow the label’s directions for the correct concentration of cleaning solution. 

When polling out the black bin bag pay attention to any heavy or sharp items that can rip the bag. The last thing you want is to drop all the “goodies” on your kitchen floor while cleaning the rubbish bin. You will not be getting any brownie points for that and you will have to do double work. Work smarter, not harder.

Cleaning An Outside Rubbish Bin

If you are cleaning an outside rubbish bin (wheelie bin) where its contents end up getting taken away by the local council rubbish service, these are easier to clean because they can be washed outside on a nice day. They are larger, so, for the bulk of us, the cleaning process for these will require the services of a long handled scrubbing brush so as we can reach the bottom of the rubbish bin. A warm solution of water and cleaning product mixed in a bucket can be sloshed completely into the outside rubbish bin. Simply scrub the interior of the bin thoroughly, ensuring that all the interior surfaces are covered.  Hold your breath, as the smell sometimes can be very overpowering.  Tip the cleaning solution out, and rinse the bin out with water from the outside hose. Clean the outside of the bin if necessary, and then tip the bin upside down to drain.

Get Rid of Rubbish Bin Contents Quickly.

It’s also much better to get rid of the contents inside our “inside-the-house” rubbish bins quickly, particularly when they contain nappies, sanitary pads or meat containers. Getting rid of the bin contents regularly lessens the noxious smells around the home, deters flies and just keeps the house air fresher and cleaner.  Try to empty the rubbish bins at least once a week, if not more often than this.