Premium-quality Carpet Cleaning West Malling ME19 

Top-tier Steam Washing Help For Your ME19 Carpets

What Can Our Carpet Cleaners Do For You?

  • Regular care and upkeep for home carpets
  • One-off deep cleans (hot water extraction)
  • Steam washing for large-scale commercial premises
  • Office carpet maintenance
  • End of tenancy carpet cleaning
  • Mattress cleaning and anti-dust mite treatment
  • Curtain steam washing
  • Upholstery cleaning
  • Area rug cleaning and restoration
  • A wide range of additional carpet-care procedures (see below)
The leading ME19 carpet cleaning contractor

How Much Does it Cost?

When it comes to carpet cleaning, we like to think of ourselves less as the 'penny-pinching' sort and more as the 'pound-wise' connoisseurs. While we shy away from flashing our price tags like a tabloid headline, we pride ourselves on delivering a service that speaks volumes of quality.

Call us on 020 7099 6964 for a bespoke quote.

Yes, our prices are not on the same page as 'cheap'. They echo the sentiment that your carpets deserve nothing but the best. 

Think of it as an investment in domestic bliss. After all, your floors are the foundation of your home's comfort and style.

money back


7 days guarantee

100% Money Back Guarantee

Purchase With Confidence...It's Risk Free!

As part of our commitment to service quality and customer satisfaction we would like to provide you with the ultimate peace of mind.

We will not to leave your property until we have exhausted all means at our disposal to get the items worked on as clean as possible and as stain free as possible,
regardless how long it takes.

However, if you’re dissatisfied with the results we produce, let us know. We will return to your property and fix the issues free of charge. If upon our return we fail to deliver a carpet or upholstery cleaning service that lives up to approved industry standards, we will refund 100% of the money you paid us. Just call us within 7 days from the day of the service.

Why Choose Anyclean To Do Your West Malling Carpet Shampoo?

Powerful hot water extraction for your ME19 carpets
  • A team of NCCA-certified and highly skilled experts
  • The best quality of service for the money you pay
  • 100% quality satisfaction guarantee
  • Same-day appointments
  • 0% risk of damage to your carpets 
  • Eco-friendly and health-safe carpet treatment
  • We work with the best brands of specialised equipment, available in the UK (Host, Prochem, RotoVac, etc.)
  • Anyclean works seven days per week, all holidays included
  • A comprehensive public Insurance and Liability Policy
  • Free quotes available 24/7 via email
  • Multiple payment options
  • No hidden fees or contract charges

What Carpet Cleaning Methods Do We Use?

Dry Carpet Cleaning

The fastest way to get your carpets back in shape is to book Anyclean's VLM treatment - the biodegradable compound will remove any bacteria and germs from the fibres!

Spot And Stain Removal

There is no need to steam-wash the whole carpet if you want to remove a single stain - our concentrated treatment delivers perfect results for limited areas of the floor.

Hot Water Extraction

If nothing else helps to deal with heavy soiling and dirt smothering, trust the most powerful carpet-care method available - the steam jets penetrate down to the carpet pad!

Pet Odour Removal

If your pets leave urine stains on the floor with the unpleasant smell spreading around the house, our pet odour removal procedure should be on top of your priority list!

Scotchgard Protection

A powerful water repellent that keeps the stains away and you do not have to pay a fortune to get it - it sounds like a deal you shouldn't miss! Ask your cleaner for details!

Anti-static Treatment

Have your home appliances started to malfunction with an alarming frequency? The static electricity, accumulated in your carpet, is the most probable culprit.


Do professional carpet cleaners always vacuum first? 

In general - yes. Whenever we have to perform a thorough carpet treatment, we must remove small particles and dust first to improve the quality of the service. There are a few procedure (spot and stain removal, anti-static treatment, pet odour removal) that do not require preliminary vacuuming.

Can I use bleach to remove a persistent stain from the carpet?

It is a very bad idea because the bleach is most likely going to make things worse, spreading the soiling deeper into the fabrics. You can also damage the carpet threads beyond repair using heavy chemicals.

What is the best carpet cleaning method?

It depends on the problem we have at hand. The most powerful cleaning techniques we have at our disposal are hot water extraction and dry carpet cleaning, but they may not be suitable for the issues we must solve. For more details, feel free to ask your carpet cleaning specialist when they visit next time.

How do I know if my carpet has mould?

It is tough to miss it for anything else. At the first sight of these troubling signs, get in touch with a professional carpet cleaner immediately:

  • Yellow-brownish (or green) small spots on the carpet surface, usually close to the corners.
  • Unpleasant, pungent smell.
  • Certain spots on the carpets become unpleasant to touch - moisty and slimy.

Our Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning Process

  • Survey and inspect fibres and installation
  • Identify spots and stains to be treated
  • Power vacuum dry soil removal
  • Protect furniture legs
  • Pre-spray fibres with the correct solution (synthetic, wool etc)
  • Mechanically agitate solution to dislodge dirt  
  • Treate individual spots with advanced stain removal products
  • Deploy powerful hot water extraction system for a thorough clean and rinse
  • Apply pleasant citrus fragranced deodoriser
  • Install Turbo Dryer (air mover) to speed up drying times
  • Carefully groom the carpet pile for that complete look
  • Apply Scotchgard stain protector (optional)

Powerful Stain Removing Equipment

In order to uphold the outstanding standard of performance quality and customer care, Anyclean relies on a team of excellent professionals that includes some of the leading London specialists in the field. We are strict and meticulous in our employee selection policy and exert ardent managerial control over all our cleaners.

The people who work for us are well aware of the ever-evolving carpet cleaning business and try to always stay on top of the latest trends, gadgets and innovations that would help them improve their performance. Some of our leading specialists have been certified by NCCA for their knowledge and skill. 

Our customers rightfully expect long-lasting results, expedient service and premium quality of cleaning. To make sure we can deliver all that we employ some of the best carpet cleaning machines you can find on the market today. Our experts operate with brands like Ashby's, HOST, Rotovac and Prochem – leaders in their craft for the past few decades.

The Carpet Cleaning Partner You Can Trust

What is the easiest way to solve all your carpet cleaning problems at once? Contrary to what many people believe, reading ten blog posts on the topic is not the correct answer. Booking the best professional carpet washers in West Malling, however, is much closer to the mark.

Who are we?

Anyclean is a London-based carpet cleaning contractor with more than two decades of outstanding professional experience. What started as a small team of sweeping and dusting enthusiasts is now an extensive network of top-tier specialists, certified by the NCCA. Our area of coverage is constantly expanding, and we are proud to announce that ME19 homeowners and businesses can now take advantage of Anyclean's full scope of carpet-care procedures.

Why should you trust us with the washing and maintenance of your carpets? 

To put it bluntly - because we are really good at what we do. There is hardly a carpet-related problem that can stop us in our tracks or make us second-guess our expertise. We have dealt with dirt smothering and heavy soiling, persistent stains and mould spots, discolouring and unpleasant smells - and we have always managed to find the most effective and lasting solution.
Our knowledge and skills are backed up by powerful arsenal or cutting-edge equipment and biodegradable detergents that will leave the germs and bacteria, lurking on the floor, no chance for survival!

NCCA-certified steam washing specialists in West Malling

The Local Carpet Shampoo Leader 

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Anyclean covers the entire area within a 4.9-mile radius around the Kings Hill business centre at Kings Hill, West Malling ME19 4LS, United Kingdom

What Have We Cleaned Lately In West Malling?

  • Mattress washing and dust mites removal at Queen St, Kings Hill, West Malling ME19 4JP.
  • One-off home carpets shampoo at Lancaster Way, Kings Hill, West Malling ME19 4LB.
  • Hot water extraction for commercial premises at Russet Way, Kings Hill, West Malling ME19 4FJ.
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What People Think About Anyclean's Carpet Cleaning Technicians

"I have always thought that the carpets in my rented flat were originally grey(ish). It turned out they were white - but only after the most impressive carpet cleaning I will probably see in my life! These Anyclean guys are serious about their business!'

J. Preston

Frog Ln, West Malling ME19 6LN