Excellent End Of Tenancy Cleaning Byfleet KT14

Affordable Post-tenancy Cleaning In KT14 By Anyclean

Why Choose Anyclean For Your Move-out Cleaning?

  • A team of result-oriented and highly skilled technicians
  • Non-stop availability - we work even on Bank and National Holidays
  • Competitive deals and fixed prices with no hidden fees
  • 100% customer satisfaction rate
  • One of the most comprehensive cleaning checklists on the market
  • You can book same-day and emergency appointments with us
  • Mandatory check-ups upon completion
  • No compromises when it comes to quality control
  • A bullet-proof Public Insurance and Liability Policy

Trust Our Top-tier KT14 Tenancy Cleaning Crews

Top-rated after-lease cleaning service near 8GQH 53 West Byfleet, United Kingdom

We have been fortunate to work with some of the leading checkout tenancy cleaning specialists in Surrey. Anyclean is well-known for its virtually non-existent service providers turnover. In fact, many of our staff members have been with us for over a decade. This continuity helps us affirm the professional principles we have built our success on – hard work, attention to detail, serious attitude, quality control, and respect for the customer.

We also pay particular attention to professional specialization and improving the technical skills and knowledge of the people who work for us. Anyclean has a long-standing partnership with some of the leading training institutions in our business – the British Window Cleaning Academy and the National Carpet Cleaners Association. With their help, we make sure our technicians are up to date with the latest trends in the sphere of home maintenance and tenancy cleaning.

Our Most Recent Cleaning Jobs In Byfleet 

  • End of tenancy cleaning at Binfield Rd, West Byfleet KT14 7PN.
  • Pre-scheduled after-vacancy cleaning at High Rd, West Byfleet KT14 7RG.
  • Same-day move out cleaning at Church Rd, West Byfleet KT14 7EH.
  • Post-tenancy deep clean treatment at Godley Rd, West Byfleet KT14 7EL.

Simplified Service Process For A Hassle-free Customer Experience

How Do You Book A Quote With Anyclean?

This will probably be the easiest thing to do during the entire transition period! All it takes is to call us on 020 7099 6964 - give us your address, the number of rooms in the residence, and your preferred date for our visit, and you are all set! Our customer representatives will take it from there and plan all the details for you. Alternatively, you can use the Contact form and fill in the mentioned info - the process is pretty much the same.

Quality Control

There are two keys to our unblemished professional record. First, we listen before we execute. We are open to any suggestions and requirements from you and your landlords - after all, you know the residence much better than we ever will. Second, we always deliver the promised results. If you are not happy with a certain aspect of our sanitary treatment, our experts will come back and re-clean the problematic area - FREE OF CHARGE.

Beneficial For Property Owners

We keep in constant touch with the property owners and landlords and invite them to join us during the final inspection of the premises. This practice helps us avoid further misunderstandings and lets us address their requirements on the spot.

Local Leaders In End Of Tenancy Cleaning 

Anyclean provides its top-tier London tenancy cleaning services in the neighbouring areas as well:

Anyclean covers the entire area within a 3-mile perimeter around Byfleet Recreation Ground at 20 Rectory Cl, Byfleet, West Byfleet KT14 7LS, United Kingdom


How much does it cost to clean a 2 bedroom apartment?

Anyclean's basic price starts from £170.00. It may be adjusted to the peculiar requirements and features of the residence.

Do tenants have to pay for professional cleaning?

When you move out of your leased residence, you are expected to perform a thorough deep-clean treatment before you leave. Many property owners insert a clause in the contract, defining that the cleaning must be performed by a professional contractor.

How do I do an end of tenancy clean?

The easiest way to do it - delegate the task to a certified professional contractor. If you want to try it on your own, follow these steps:

  1. Contact your landlord and discuss their sanitary requirements.
  2. Make a list of all important sanitary chores.
  3. Free at least one full day of your time for the job.
  4. Do not forget to buy the necessary detergents and extra tools for the task.

How long does an end of tenancy clean take?

It depends on the size of the premises and their overall sanitary condition. A thorough post-tenancy deep-clean treatment may require anything between three and six hours.

What Does Our Checkout Cleaning Include?

General Areas

  • Dusting throughout, including: light fittings and shades, light switches, dado rails, skirting, spindles and banisters, curtain rails, wall pictures, mirrors, fire surround and radiators.
  • All light furniture to be moved and carpets to be vacuum cleaned. Dust skirting boards.
  • Mattresses to be lifted and vacuumed under.
  • All other floors to be washed using correct type of cleaning materials.
  • All glass (furniture tops, mirrors, picture frames etc) to be cleaned with window cleaner.
  • Windows to be cleaned internally. Windows sills to be wiped down.
  • All doors and top of doors to be cleaned. Door handles to be polished.
  • Drawers and shelves to be cleared of any rubbish (newspapers and magazines etc.) and telephone directories to be kept and stored neatly.
  • Upholstery vacuumed, also cushions lifted and cleaned underneath.
  • All wooden furniture to be carefully wiped clear of dust.


  • Wash and polish all work surfaces.
  • Clean inside cupboards and drawers. Remove all old food stuffs, carrier bags etc. and dispose of.
  • Clean sink and taps and remove lime scale and polish where required.
  • Wall tiles to be degreased, cleaned and polished.
  • Clean oven internally and externally to remove all built up grease. Polish any external chrome.
  • Clean and remove grime from extractor.
  • Clean and defrost refrigerator removing all grime, mildew and food deposits. Leave switched on.
  • Clean washing machine inside and out. Clean rubber at the door. Clean soap drawers and filters.
  • Clean dishwasher inside and out (if any).
  • Clean exterior of all appliances including kettle, toaster. Clean microwave inside and out.
  • Bins to be cleaned inside and out.


  • Shower screen de-scaled, cleaned and polished.
  • Wall tiles degreased, cleaned and polished (mould growth if any removed from between grout).
  • Bath , basin, taps, shower and fittings to be cleaned, de-scaled, dried and polished.
  • Toilet to be de-scaled, and brushed clean. Seat to be cleaned.
  • All soap and shampoo etc. to be removed.
  • Mirrors to be cleaned and polished.
  • Floors to be washed and sanitised. If carpet, floor to be vacuumed.


  • All bedroom furniture/storage units will be cleaned inside and out.
  • Carpets will be thoroughly vacuumed. Professional carpet cleaning can be added upon request.
  • Please note that carpet cleaning is not included in our standard list of end of tenancy cleaning tasks!
  • You may want to add hot water extraction carpet cleaning. Get 20% off if you book both services together.

The Nerdy Stuff We Love About Byfleet

Best places to visit while we do the tenancy cleaning:

  • Byfleet Park. Situated in Rectory Lane and close to the centre of the Surrey Town, the Byfleet Park and Recreation Ground is a large open-air facility that is publicly owned and managed. The site has for many years provided a place for rest and recreation for local residents and those who live in the many smaller communities that surround the borough. With its large pitches, throughout the year Byfleet Park is a favourite place for playing sports and during the summer months it is extremely popular with picnickers and walkers. 
  • Byfleet Methodist Church is one of the main places for warship in the area of Byfleet KT14. Located in High Street, at the heart of Byfleet, this Christian facility is a place of worship and meeting for a large, caring and friendly community. The church plays an active role in the local affairs and is actively involved in many social events and projects throughout the year. Byfleet Methodist Church is home to a large congregation of dedicated Christians who regularly organise charity events to help those in the community in less fortunate positions.
  • Byfleet Public Tennis Courts. Set in Rectory Lane, the courts are an excellent authority provided sports facilities located at the centre of the area of Byfleet KT14. Throughout the whole year the all-weather courses are used by locals and residents of the surrounding areas for casual games of tennis, as well as for occasional tournaments. Byfleet Public Tennis Courts are open to all tennis enthusiasts and are free of charge on a first come, first serve basis. 

Some of the most noted people associated with Byfleet KT14:

  • Broadcasting executive Sir George Reginald Barnes (1904-1960), who was most noted as a station Controller of both BBC Radio and Television was born in Byfleet KT14.
  • Gardener Harry James Dodson (1919-2005), who became presenter of the 1987 TV series “The Victorian Kitchen Garden” was born in Byfleet. 
  • Builder Walter George Tarrant (1875-1942), who was best known as a Surrey master builder and developer of St George’s Hill, lived at Lake House in Byfleet.
  • Welsh engineer and motor-racing driver John Godfrey Parry- Thomas (1884-1927), who is most famous that at one time held the land speed record was buried in St Mary’s Churchyard in Byfleet.
  • Historian, anecdotist and literary scholar Joseph Spance (1699-1768) died in Byfleet.
  • Theatre and film actress Sarah Miles (born 1941), who lived in Byfleet during the late 60s and early 70s.
  • Conservative Party politician Sir John Whittaker Ellis, 1st Baronet (1829-1912), who was best known as Lord Mayor of London and founder of Byfleet Fire Brigade, lived in High Road in Byfleet.