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Premium-quality Window Cleaning Help In Limehouse E14

With our Window Cleaning service our promise is that we will

  • Be able to clean up to 72 Feet (6+ floors)
  • Clean frames and glass at no extra cost
  • Clean your windows to a spot free finish
  • Use environmentally friendly equipment - no chemicals at all, just pure water
  • Eliminate ladders, cherry pickers and cradles and reduce disturbances
  • Save you money as glass stays clean for longer
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When window cleaning becomes too much of a burden, Anyclean is the reliable partner you can lean on! Providing first-class domestic and commercial sanitary glass treatment in the Limehouse E14 area since 1998, we have gained the reputation of a trustworthy and competent provider that gets the job done regardless of the circumstances. Our hardworking, result-oriented, and BWCA-certified technicians are used to operate under pressure, facing demanding deadlines, and dealing with the most common blemishes on your windows - hard-water stains, dust, pollen, bird droppings, fingerprints, calcification, etc.

One look at our portfolio and the pricing range we work with will convince you about the merits of Anyclean's offer. You do not have to commit long-term with us to take advantage of our services - Anyclean delivers both one-off and regular maintenance services, and we never bind you with some cumbersome contract. Even better - you retain full control over every important aspect of the service process - when and how often we visit your home or working place, what types of procedures you require, and even the budget cap you want to work with. 

Anyclean's operative approach gives us two distinctive advantages, compared to most of our East London competitors. First, we apply the Reach & Wash method for upper-floor glass and UPVC surfaces - that is, cleaning with water-fed optic poles instead of relying on ladders, scaffolds or cherry pickers. Second, we do not employ any detergents or glass sprays - our technicians work exclusively with running water and organic materials, which makes our performance significantly more health-safe and eco-friendly.
If this sounds like something you can take advantage of, give us a call on 020 7099 6964, and we will help you find the most suitable sanitary option for your premises. You can also order a free pricing quote with us via the Contact Form.

Our Window Cleaning Portfolio At A Glance

One of the main reasons for our long-standing success is our willingness to evolve and improve, to include new procedures and implement innovative techniques. The result - we have created one of the most comprehensive portfolios in the industry, and one that can cover all the sanitary demands of your residential and commercial property. 
Before we go into detail about what we clean, take a look at the three service options you can book with Anyclean in Limehouse:

  • Emergency window cleaning - for customers who need to solve their window-related hygienic problems within the next 48 hours. The short notice will not result in higher fees.
  • One-off window cleaning - the best way to deal with any sanitary complications when you do the post-construction, end of tenancy or spring cleaning. The option is also thoroughly effective if you want to refresh your windows or plan a big event at home or the working place.
  • Regular glass maintenance - daily, weekly, fortnightly, and monthly visits. We will do whatever it takes to keep your windows in pristine condition throughout the whole year.

Up to this moment we have mainly talked about windows, but out skilled and experienced technicians can also help you with the upkeep of:

  • Interior and exterior glazing elements
  • Glass and mirror landscaping elements and features
  • Cladding
  • Solar (photovoltaic) panels
  • UPVC and Perspex canopies
  • French windows, ranch sliders, and glass doors
  • Conservatories
  • Skylights and light tubes
  • Glass domes and atriums
  • Window displays and glass fronts (for street-level offices, pubs, cafes, restaurants, stores, boutiques, etc.)
  • Commercial and business signage and billboards.
  • Anyclean delivers outstanding sanitary facade maintenance for administrative, commercial, and corporate buildings.

What Makes Us The Most Reliable Window Cleaning Choice In Limehouse?

  • More than twenty years of impeccable professional experience, serving both domestic and business clients
  • Some of the most advantageous deals and special offers that you can find on today's market
  • A team of BWCA-certified, knowledgeable, and result-oriented specialists
  • A diversified portfolio of high-quality procedures to counter the negative effects of the London urban environment
  • Thoroughly transparent pricing policy, featuring free quotes, multiple payment options, and open-ended contracts
  • A 100% quality satisfaction guarantee - you always get the results you expect
  • You can book a procedure with Anyclean 365 days in the year - including all Bank and National Holidays
  • A comprehensive public Insurance and Liability Policy for your complete peace of mind
  • 0% risk of damage to your property (employing the Reach & Wash cleaning technique)
  • No detergents or chemical-based materials involved in the treatment - Anyclean is a strong proponent of "green cleaning"
  • Our technicians operate with some of the leading brands of specialised gear in the UK like Unger and Ionic.

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Residential Window Cleaning In Limehouse E14

Your windows are in perfect hygienic condition throughout the whole year, and you do not even have to get up from the couch! No, you are not daydreaming - this has become the everyday reality for a growing number of Limehouse tenants and homeowners who have delegated the chore to one of Anyclean's E14 technicians. For a negligible fee, you can join the ranks of our happy and satisfied customers who do not even remember what dusting and polishing felt like!
Our procedures are quick and effective and deliver sustainable sanitary results. The key to our success is simple - extensive experience and rigorous training have helped us acquire the necessary knowledge to treat glass better than most of our competitors. More often than not a few quick flicks with the squeegee and blade, and the dust and stains are gone in seconds. The great advantage of our regular maintenance service is that we do not allow for any serious hygienic problems to put a blemish on your windows - we will remove them before they even become an issue.
If you have never used a professional window cleaner before, you are probably worried about the potential risks of damage and the safety of your property. With Anyclean, however, such worries are void - we do not use ladders, scaffolds or cherry pickers, therefore the danger of an incident is almost non-existent. The water-fed optic poles we operate with allow us to clean upper-floor windows, solar panels, and other glass and UPVC exterior design elements from the safety of the ground.
Apart from the traditional types of windows, we excel in the upkeep of:

  • Bay windows
  • Clerestory windows
  • Jalousie windows
  • Double-hung sash windows
  • Skylights, cupolas, and light tubes
  • French windows and sliding doors.

*Each of our cleaning visits includes the dusting and polishing of the window frames, sills, handles, and screens as well.

Business Window Cleaning In Limehouse E14 

It is funny how the major growth of Limehouse as one of East London's leading commercial and corporate areas, alongside the nearby Canary Wharf and the Isle of Dogs, has coincided with Anyclean's own rise in fame and fortune. We have been a constant feature of the local business and corporate community, providing affordable and reliable window cleaning services to a wide spectrum of companies. Wherever you notice the minivans, branded with our logo, you can expect the building facade nearby to be in pristine condition.
How can we help you achieve the sanitary maintenance results you strive for? Anyclean provides the following service packages throughout the entire E14 area:

  • Ground-floor window cleaning - a premium option for retail and commercial premises at street level, whose glass fronts and window displays are constantly exposed to the adverse influence of street and pedestrian traffic. We carefully remove all accumulated dust and stains via squeegee and blade polishing.
  • Upper-level window cleaning (2nd-6th floor) - our technicians operate with the Ionic Reach & Wash gear set to deliver effective and hassle-free maintenance solutions to exterior windows and building facades. One or two procedures per month should be more than enough to keep your building in top sanitary shape!
  • High-rise window cleaning - Anyclean cooperates with some of the most experienced operators of abseiling rope systems, cradles, and window cleaning stages to deliver premium-quality maintenance packages at the best price rates in East London!

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Anyclean - The Company's Profile

  • We are a fully certified Safe Contractor, strictly following the full set of COSHH rules and regulations.
  • Anyclean holds the ISO:9001 and OHSAS:18001 company certificates, confirmed by the British Assessment Bureau.
  • We are an associate member of the Guild of Master Craftsmen and the British Institute for Cleaning Science.
  • We have had a beneficial training partnership with the British Window Cleaning Academy and have acquired its Stamp of Approval.


"Anyclean's attitude towards their tasks and customers is the perfect blend of professionalism and easygoing self-confidence of people who have been there and done that on countless occasions."

"If you need a reliable Limehouse contractor for your windows who has to offer you a reasonable price, you cannot make a better choice than Anyclean!"


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