Deep cleaning before you move in or out

Deep cleaning is different from spring cleaning, and is typically done when you are either moving into or out of a home. When you moved into a rental, you should have gone through with the landlord and made a list of any damages that were there when you moved in. hopefully you put that with the lease agreement and can refer to it as you begin your deep cleaning.

Deep cleaning uses more brushes and supplies than regular cleaning, although you may use the same chemicals or cleaning products that you have around the house. You may want to purchase extra bleach and some foaming outside cleaner, the new oxygen released based cleaners have a good reputation for cleaning areas that you typically don't get to, such as the siding on your house or rust stains on the patio and outdoor furniture.

Start at the top and work down, this is the first rule of cleaning and is especially important for deep cleaning, because the crud that you get off the floor will just be replaced by the crud that comes from dusting and cleaning above. Deep cleaning means getting into the crevices and digging deeper than the typical once over that each room gets once or twice a week.

For instance, you probably clean your bathroom a little each day, and give it a more intense cleaning two to three times a week, depending on the size of your family.

Deep cleaning the bathroom means getting the inside of the cupboards, under the sink and the medicine cabinet. This is where you go through and throw out that stomach medicine you haven't used since last New Years, and all of your old makeup. It's time consuming, but now you have an excuse to go shopping for new make up!

Under the sinks-these are places where the need for deep cleaning is the greatest. Take everything out and go through it, tossing out everything you don't use or recognize. Then get out the bleach and scrub way in the back where you don't usually reach (make sure there is good ventilation when working with bleach.) The other place for deep cleaning is the refrigerator; where you do basically the same thing as under the kitchen sink. Take all the drawers out of the fridge and leave them to soak outside with warm water and a capful of bleach. This is a good time to pull out appliances and clean behind and under them as well. Keep the back of all appliances dust bunny free in order to minimize the risk of fire, as frayed cords and thick lint can be a recipe for disaster, even though we don't usually think about it.

Clean out the spot under the lint trap in your clothes dryer. Unplug it and remove the lint trap, and then using a plain hair brush-or any other brush thin enough to insert in the space to remove backed up lint that missed the trap. Now your deep cleaning is done!