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When you choose Anyclean for you upholstery cleans you will receive:

  • Free Spot Testing
  • Bespoke solutions tailored to your needs
  • A clean that protects the wood, leather or fabric
  • Upholstery that lasts for longer
  • Cleaner upholstery that you can use within minutes
  • Protection for all surrounding floors, carpets, walls and doors
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Highly Experienced Upholstery Technicians

Our intensive upholstery cleans concentrate on a mixture of elbow grease along with the latest technological advancements in equipment development. Our London upholstery cleaners use the latest upholstery tools from leading manufacturers and that helps a lot too. We will spare no expense in the effort to deliver a reliable and successful soft furnishings treatment and maintenance.

Anyclean's upholstery cleaners ensure the soil is removed from your soft furnishings without risking damage to the furniture fabric or leather.

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Q: What type of upholstery cleaning methods do you use?

A: We use hot water extraction method also known as steam cleaning. This is the best and the most efficient method of cleaning upholstery in London. We use also bonnet buffing, shampoo brushing, dry compound cleaning (HOST®) systems.

Q: I have natural fibres upholstery. Can you clean it?

A: Yes, our upholstery cleaners London are equipped to take care of your cotton or silk furniture. We use a dry upholstery cleaning method called OMS (Odourless Mineral Solvent) cleaning. While this is not the best and most effective method of removing spots and stains from sofas, settees and armchairs, this is the only available safe method of treating the soft furnishings without running into the risk of damage caused by water.

Please note that due to the fibre construction of those types of upholstery it is highly unlikely some stains will be completely removed. We will perform a very thorough upholstery cleaning process and your fabric will be fresh, clean and healthy. However, in some cases, stains may have become a permanent damage due to the discolouration of the natural fibres.

Q: Are there any extra charges to pay i.e. parking?

A: In some cases, you may have to pay a parking fee or a congestion charge (congestion charge will be charged only if the site address is within the London congestion charge zone). If our London upholstery cleaning operatives cannot park their vehicle free of charge before servicing your address then you will have to either provide a parking space or a valid temporary parking permit. If you can arrange neither of the above then you will have to reimburse the carpet cleaners for the parking fee they have paid in order to clean your upholstery.

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Keep Your Upholstery in its Original Condition Affordably with Anyclean

Our London upholstery cleaning service is second to none as we are fully trained in the treatment and cleaning of all fabrics from the finest silk to the toughest leather.

We understand that to re-upholster your favourite furniture can cost a fortune and so we promise to bring your soft furnishings back to their original clean condition with our custom made solutions.

We use a range of methods to treat and clean your upholstery, each one depending on the style, the fabric and the construction of the piece, and each method is guaranteed to bring you results you won’t find anywhere else.

We will spot test your furnishings before we begin so you can not only witness the results you will receive but so you are reassured that our chosen method of upholstery cleaning London will not compromise the quality of the fabric. For furniture that is used often, we can also pre-treat stubborn stains in order to remove every inch of dirt from the fibres.

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