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updated: 07/03/2023

Cutting Costs of Toiletries

Who doesn’t want to cut the cost of their families toiletries? Shampoo, soap, deodorant, all of these can cost you Home Made Cleaning Productshundreds every year. Here are some recipes–other than the old stand by of adding water to the shampoo to stretch it–for home made toiletries that will save your family money and best of all, which really work.

Make Your Own Toothpaste

Toothpaste was originally sold as a powder. You dumped a little into the palm of your hand and then wet your toothbrush, placed it in the powder, and were off and running. This home made toiletry is available again as the old stand by of baking soda. Purchase oil of peppermint or another flavour of mint to add a good taste and effective mouth wash to your morning routine.

Rubbing Alcohol

Plain ordinary rubbing alcohol is an effective deodorant. In fact this home made toiletry ingredient is the primary additive in most commercial deodorants. Spritz a little rose oil or mint oil afterward to mask the scent of the alcohol until the smell wears off, and the effectiveness will last all day.

White Vinegar

Half cup white vinegar in instead of bleach is an effective home made toiletry for your clothing. Use this in place of bleach for your whites, and if you wash in cold water, you will extend the life of your clothes and save on electricity.

Liquid Hand Soap

A great liquid hand soap can be made from grating a bar of mild soap with a cheese grater. (You might want to splurge for an extra grater for this home made toiletry.) Grate some into a microwaveable dish and add water. Microwave the mixture for two and a half minutes on high.

Facial Mask

Make your own facial mask by pureeing in a blender one cucumber, two egg whites (this will give the mask stiffness and peel ability,) a teaspoon of lemon juice and a teaspoon of mint oil. This home made toiletry is a fun addition to your daughter’s next sleepover!

Saving Money

Shopping at beauty supply stores can save you money buy buying large amounts and dividing them into old, washed out containers. Save that empty bottle of shampoo and pour it full with the economy size you just bought. This is a great way to keep the family from using it all up, as they will tend to use more than they need if you simply set out the large size bottle.

Take Some Lessons

And last, for fun, take a soap making class. You can save money on toiletries and lower your gift buying budget by learning to make soap in a number of whimsical moulds and beautiful designs. Soap making stores, complete with Saturday classes, are springing up everywhere and make a great family outing for a few hours or maybe even give you the motivation you’ve been searching for to start your own business. For a reasonable sum, the class provides you with a choice of moulds–usually three or four– that you can use during the class and then take home with you. You will also get some liquid or glycerin soap bricks, colouring, scents, and a huge range of equipment to choose from. This can bring your home made toiletry making to a whole new level.

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