Mattress Cleaning

We don't usually think about mattrress stains until it is too late, your new bed is arriving, or the movers are here and you strip the bed, only to notice that there are unsightly stains on it. It can be embarrassing, so remember your matteress cleaning before the day comes.

There are lots of good commercial products on the market for matteress cleaning, but some of the stains can be removed with cleaners you probablt already have on hand. After the stain is gone, and even when you change the sheets, placing a scented dryer sheet between the matterrss and the bottom sheet will help to keep the matteress and room smelling fresh.

Lemon juice is a great matteress cleaning product. You can buy lemon scented cleaners at the store, or mix a half cup lemon juice with cold water for a bleach like chemical reaction with most matterss fabric stains. Always blot the stains, or else they will spread and at the very least you will encounter a ring of ugly brown water spots after the area has dried.Mild white powder detergent is good for matteress cleaning, too. Be sure to use white powder detergent and not a liquid blue, it may stain the matterss worse.

It's not recommended to ever smoke in bed, the smell being one of the least of your problems. But if you do, you could soon notice that the entire room smells like an ashtry. If this is the case, Take off all the sheets and sprinkle baking soda liberally all over the mattress. Let it set for the entire day, and then vaccuum up with the attachment.

Moisture causes mold, and if you live in a colder climate, you may find your bedroom smelling a little musty. This could be from mildew deep inside your matteress. This type of mold can make you ill, so replace the matteress if possible, but in the meantime use a light sloution of bleach and water to kill any remaining mildew. Running a humidifier and/or fan in the room can help allieviate mildew further. Of course, the best thing for mildew is the sun, so if you can, drag your matteress out into the back yard and give it a good vaccuuming. Let it stand in the sun for a few hours to refreshen it.

Urine can destroy your matteress. For your matteress cleaning needs in this area, blot up as much of the stain as possible and then use a commercial cleaner especially formulated for pet and urine stains. This is better than any home remedy because the commercial cleaners have chemicals which will kill any bacteria resulting from the stain penetrating the surface of the matteress. An emergency treatment is to saturate the urine stain with a mixture of vinegar and warm water, blot as much as posilble, repeat, and then sprinkle baking soda on the stain and vaccuum it off twenty four hours later.

These are just a few ideas to help with matteress cleaning. When in doubt, contact the manufacturer for matteress cleaning instructions.