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updated: 04/10/2023

Preventing Rodents

Although you do everything possible to prevent rodent infestation, they might like your house as a shelter for one reason or another. To secure your home further please read below to check whether there are any holes left open which might be an entry to rodents.

It is very important you seal up any gaps inside and outside of your home as mice can go through even the smallest gaps roughly at the size of a coin. There might be gaps which you even don’t know about and you need to check regularly behind fridges, furniture, cabinets, storage cupboards and in the corners of the rooms. Sometimes mice can come from gaps around pipes under the sink or those leading to the washing machine and dishwasher. If you discover a hole, fill it in immediately with cement to prevent the rodents infestation.

Another preventative measure is to remove all food sources and store food in containers with a tight lid. Washing dishes and cutlery right after they have been used is a good habit as they might be one reason for the rodents to infest your home. Any spilled food should be cleaned as soon as possible and the grills, hobs and ovens should be kept clean at all times. Even pet food might attract mice and it is recommended not to leave any out overnight. Storing rubbish in bins make it inaccessible for mice and bins should be situated as far as possible from the house.

Cleaning Up After Rodents

  • Removing Dead Rodents – To remove the dead rodents, wear rubber gloves and spray the surrounding areas with a disinfectant. Let it sit there for at least 5 minutes and place the rodent in a plastic bag which should be tightly sealed. Throw the bag in the rubbish container which should be emptied and washed regularly.
  • Removing Droppings and Urine – When cleaning up after rodents, the first thing you need to do is to remove their droppings and urine from the infested areas. It is essential you use gloves during the whole cleaning process as directly touching them may cause an infection. Having a fresh air in the house plays a very important role for the disinfection after the rodent infestation. Pick up all their droppings and urine with a paper towel which should be disposed in the bin straight after that. If you have used any other items to clean the droppings which might be contaminated, disinfect them as soon as possible.
  • Disinfecting – Disinfect all surfaces including inside of cupboards and mop the floors with a suitable disinfectant. Wash with a soap anything that has been exposed to rodents including carpets, upholstery and mattresses. After you have finished with the cleaning, remove gloves and wash your hands thoroughly with a soap and clean water.

Why are Rodents Dangerous?

It is important you do all your best to prevent rodent infestation as they carry diseases. It is particularly harmful to breath in dust contaminated with rodents urine or droppings, to have a direct contact with a  rodent or its droppings, to eat food and drink water contaminated from their urine. Sometimes a disease could be spread indirectly from a bite of infected animal or an insect.

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