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General Cleaning Tips

General Cleaning Tips 2

How to protect yourself from Swine Flu?

The best thing everyone can do to protect himself is to follow good hygiene practices. These will help to slow the spread of the virus and will be the single most effective thing you can do to protect yourself and others from infection.

When you cough or sneeze it is especially important to follow the rules of good hygiene to prevent the spread of germs:

  • Always carry tissues
  • Use clean tissues to cover your nose and mouth when coughing or sneezing
  • Dispose of dirty tissues promptly and carefully after on use – bag and bin them
  • Avoid non-essential travel and large crowds whenever possible
  • Maintain good basic hygiene, for example wash your hands frequently with soap and water or sanitising spray, gel and foam to reduce the spread of the virus from your hands to your face, or to other people
  • Clean hard services (e.g desks, telephones, door handles etc) frequently, using a normal cleaning product or sanitising cleaner.

Clean House Means Healthy Babies

We all know babies love to crawl and roll on the floor. The would most definitely put in their mouths almost everything they can grab. That horrifies parents big time. I am scared to death when I see my son licking the floor or a dirty toy he is playing with. Kids. But we have a responsibility as parent to raise a healthy brood. A few tips:

  • Clean as you go. Whenever you see something that needs cleaning up do not wait for Saturday or Sunday house cleaning day- clean it now. You will not allow any build ups of dirt and germs in your house.

  • Washing babies’ hands must become an unconditional habit. Frequent handwashing will remove germs from their most popular entry path – kids hands. Dirty toys, dirty floors, shoes, cars – you know kids – they love touching anything they can lay their hands on.

  • Disinfect. House cleaning with standard cleaning materials can leave a false feel of security and cleanliness. In fact, there still may be lots of germs left waiting to be picked up. To get rid of them use cleaners and disinfectants in the same time. Most of todays sanitisers and disinfectants do not need rinsing or wiping after being applied to the surface.

  • Maintain a good level of cleanliness. Regular domestic cleaning helps keep germs at bay and ensures a healthy indoor environment safe for everyone in the family. Most of us are very busy trying to earn a living through those difficult times and there is rarely enough to rest let alone spend 3 hours properly cleaning the house. Why not call a professional house cleaning company  to take care of those chores for you? It’s worth having a try.

How To Speed Your Property Sale With House Cleaning?

Giving your property a professional deep clean before you let potential buyers in can work wonders. Genuine house buyers are looking for a nice clean home, a place to live happily, have children etc. Dirty and… neglected houses will not show their full potential and most likely will be underestimated. In other words buyers will be “running away scared”. That is not what you want, is it?

If you don’t have the time or if you are lazy, just call a reputable cleaning company to carry out a full house deep clean. You are looking at a price higher than your average weekly cleaner’s job but the results are impressive. They will sweep, dust, wipe, vacuum, wash, polish and sanitise all surfaces in your house. If you have carpets – carpet cleaning is a must. Put some nicely smelling fresh flowers all over the place, take out bulky sofas and junk lying arround in corners, free space. If it is cold outside put the heating on and make some freshly ground coffee just before the potential buyer arrives.

Spending £150 – £200 on a good and thorough deep house cleaning (a.k.a. end of tenancy cleaning) sometimes can add thousands to the value of your property. How? If a buyer falls in love with a clean freshly smelling house that suits his needs he won’t be putting offers on the house but he’ll try to acquire it ASAP. Even if he does put an offer it will be a sensible one.

Whereas a dirty, smelly place of the same size will tempt the buyer to put a lower offer in order to compensate for the state it is in.

Simple thing that many people underestimate on a regular basis. And it is not rocket science.

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How to Deal With Flooded Carpets

Nobody is prepared for a flood in the house, but this disaster sometimes happen. Flood is something that could be caused from different sources – a leaking roof or an upstairs neighbour who has a flood. In many cases the flood can’t be stopped straight away and causes some damages to the property. For sure you should do something to stop it as soon as you know the source of it to reduce the amount of damages. The first reaction of the people is usually to panic, but it is better to act quick in this undesirable situation.

As soon as you enter the room, try to save as much belongings as possible and start with those which are undamaged yet. The floor will be definitely affected, so don’t pay attention to it, you will probably have to replace the carpets after the flood. Even though some carpet cleaning companies in London claim they can help in an emergency situation like this and save your carpets, the better decision is to replace them. There is no point paying them for a service which will leave your carpets in a poor condition and with a strong smell of damp.  If the water damage is very small, you can try with some specialised carpet cleaning products or hire a carpet cleaner, but there is no guarantee you will get the expected result. For some types of carpets it might be even worse applying products on a wet carpet.

The best will be to have a home insurance which will cover the cost for the repairs after the damages. Although it costs some money each year, it is worth having it as you never know what unforeseen might happen. Moreover, if you are the one caused the flood, you might have to cover costs for the repairs of your neighbours too.

How to Maintain Baby Toys Clean

Every house where there is a baby living in, there are toys which need to be cleaned properly as children love to put them in their mouths and they are exposed to a direct contact with bacteria. Depending on the material of the toys, there are several ways of cleaning which exist.

The traditional method is by using a hot water and a soap and scrubbing each toy or equipment separately. If you like natural cleaning products, you can use vinegar instead. After they have been washed, the toys should be properly rinsed and dried. Usually two hours would be enough for drying.

Instead of proper washing, you may decide just to disinfect them with a sanitising solution and a cloth. This method just removes the bacteria, but if there is any food leftovers over them, they might not be properly removed. This method is efficient for a general cleaning, but not for deep cleaning of your baby’s toys and you can ask your domestic cleaning lady to wash them for you while she is around.

It is also possible for the plastic toys to be washed in the dishwasher, but not the wooden ones as they will be damaged.  If you prefer this method of cleaning, remember to avoid washing toys which are operated by batteries and which have small parts which might easily come off from the high temperature.

Wooden or metal toys from the other hand could be wiped down with a wet cloth and a detergent and polished with a soft cloth.

Many people ask themselves how often the toys should be properly cleaned. It is not necessary for the toys to be cleaned on a daily basis, but it is a good idea to wash them at least every couple of weeks. They for sure need some attention if you had other children around to play with them as diseases could be transferred easy between babies.

How to Keep Carpets Clean

When we are talking about a clean home, we mean a dust free environment. In order to achieve this, you need to put some efforts and vacuum the floor at least twice a week to keep it visibly clean. If you have the equipment though to look what is inside the carpet or rug fibres, you will be amazed from the bacteria and dirt gathered in there.

Carpet fitting companies recommend regular vacuuming using the different attachments of the vacuum cleaner to go under furniture, radiators and in the corners and edges. But all this is not enough to make the carpet a healthy place for your kids to play on. It required far more advanced techniques for the bacteria to be killed and the dust to be removed.

Professional carpet cleaning machines are what is used widely by NCCA certified carpet cleaning technicians to turn your home into a healthy residence. The carpet cleaning process cleans the carpet fibres in depth by removing microorganisms who live freely inside. With the strong chemicals which the carpet cleaners use during the cleaning process, any odours are also removed as well as stains and marks from the surface of the carpet. Usually in high traffic areas the carpet looks different than in the corners and it requires sometimes more efforts in order to be cleaned thoroughly. The carpet cleaner will be able to advise you on how to make your carpet last for longer. One of the main things you can do is to avoid walking with shoes on the carpet. Another thing you might consider when it comes to keep your carpet clean is to change the layout of your room and change the traffic areas this way so your carpet looks equal throughout the room.

Apart from these useful tips, your carpet will need disinfection at least once a year and hiring the right person to do the service for you is very important.

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